It's been 14 days and my order hasn't arrived

I’m from Tokyo. I ordered my Huel May 4, and I logged a ticket a day after to monitor it’s delivery. Somebody from Huel Japan reached out, this Sunday I was told that someone would get back to me on Monday, it’s almost Friday and no one’s reached out. Been sending emails each day since Wednesday. All I need is the tracking number to check if when it’s gonna arrive and when I can reschedule it.

Please. Help.

Maybe if I tag @Tim_Huel or @Olivia_Huel they can help or chase this up for you

Hey Joshua, sorry to here this, I’ll check this one out with our Japan Manager and the CE team. So sorry you’ve had so many issues with this one. We’ll get it solved.

Edit: I’ve chatted with the team and it seems like the problem arose from a missing t-shirt in your order. The order had already sent so we called it back to add the t-shirt you as a first time customer then frustratingly was technically ‘lost’ somewhere in the logistics chain. Massive apologies for this, it’s my understanding that the team have been in touch and are on the way to resolving this.

Don’t want to tread on their toes so will leave to the team to sort out.