CoronaVirus emergency consideration

How are you doing?

Hi folks, I hope you are well and that you can get a good quarantine.
I was thinking before about the importance that a brand like Huel can have in this moment of need.
In Italy, although I live in the south which is less affected, for now, the situation is close to collapse.

I am more than ready to renew Huel’s stock if it should serve.
I leave you with a warm hug and would like to know more from you around Europe and the world.

And don’t forget:


I’m glad that we’re seeing decent decisions being made by private businesses and the UK gov’t finally giving better advice than “over 60’s shouldn’t go on cruises”; but I worry that we’ve already missed the chance to learn from elsewhere around the world and that we’ve passed the point of no return (so to speak).

My dad is high risk and has been told to isolate himself at home for 3 months. I’ve got two kids so the best thing for him is for us to stay away, but my mum works at a hospital and that feels risky in of itself.


I am close to you and I understand you, Tristan.
I am currently at my house, between my father who has a long series of health problems and my grandmother who, with age, is not exactly great.
Although the situation is “no return”, at least you don’t have the bad Italian healthcare facilities. They are sending nurses from southern Italy to the north, which is the most affected region.

I am taking advantage of this to treasure this time in my home, although I think I am not very helpful. As soon as this situation “unlocks”, I should and would like to come and live in London.
In addition to not wanting to stay at my house, I also feel “responsible” a little if I want to go out and live my life, if my family members get sick.
I don’t worry about myself, I hope there is a guiding directive from Europe.

Hi, and thanks for sharing.

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Actually the UK has fewer intensive care beds per 1000 people than either Italy, France or Germany. UK only has 2.1 beds per 1000 people which are on average 83% occupied at any given time. Italy is slightly higher at 2.6 per 1000 people. This is why there is such high risk to the elderly and those with underlying health conditions - there is very little capacity in the health system to treat them if they develop viral pneumonia.


Thank you for your answer, Liath!
I never expected it, and not for clichés.

I particularly liked this video in this regard today, which is rare given the immense amount of rubbish that circulates.


That’s a very good video, @Raffaele, thanks for sharing. :heart:

Here’s one I saw earlier. Useful for sharing with anyone who finds it hard to understand the situation, especially kids.

And here’s one out of Italy that makes me cry. We need to heed the warning from Italy, just as we needed to heed the warning from China. There’s still a lot we can do to prevent this.


Two things.

  1. It is not recommended to live 100% on huel, HOWEVER
  2. Yes, you can live on this thing and not die of hunger or any diet related problems when it’s epidemic outside like now.
    I’m in home isolation for month and drinking only huel mixed with water as it is no chance for me to go normal shopping. I’m alive and not suffering.

God bless people who invented this.


I am on 100% huel, i still go outside daily though, i’m a daredevil.

I’m getting regular walks after dark when there’s no one around. Might skip tonight though. There’ll be some feral arseholes out there, livid that the pubs are shut from tomorrow.

I could easily get by on 100% Huel but I live with two pensioners who don’t want to do that. They’re obsessed with the shops and are the shops full and will there be tomatoes in the shops and when am going to the shops and what time is the best time to go to the shops and when do the shops get their deliveries and what shops are the best shops to shop in. So off to the shops I go.

I’m not keen at all. If I screw up and get myself infected, I’ll have a rough time of it (I’m in my 40s, it can be very bad) but I’ll probably infect them both and they are fucked.

They’ve been sulking tonight because I wouldn’t let them go to the chip shop.

They’ll be more likely to have a go if they see you skipping.


Depends on if it’s



I took it for granted it was the latter.


You know me! :+1:


Actually I was in my local 'Spoons this evening before they shut indefinitely. I had a Corona.

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Remember when that joke was fresh and sexy? Time moves so fast.

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I wouldnt mess with anyone skipping at night. Either form.

Here’s my new joke for this evening. “I just went to my local supermarket. I wasn’t wanting to purchase anything, just interested in the sort of things people were panic-grabbing.”

I’m just buy-curious.


That’s much better. It’s a decent pun, and also captures your old-geezer befuddlement with the modern world.

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Yes I fondly remember when the pubs shut at 9pm, and we ate dripping on toilet paper

Malaysia has been under a Restricted Movement Order since Wednesday which basically means that no one should go out at all unless absolutely necessary (supermarkets, pharmacies and clinics/hospitals are remaining open) and all non-essential business ordered to close their doors.

Unfortunately, human beings the arseholes that they are, a lot are ignoring it (roughly 40% according to the police) so it’s looking like from Sunday, the government will deploy the army to enforce it.

I’ve had to go out a few times to the hospital in preparation for more surgery scheduled for this coming week and see a lot of café’s, local shops etc carrying on business as usual. The worst offenders are religious groups – two thirds of Malaysia’s 1000+ cases stem from banned large religious ‘prayer’ gatherings and congregations.

576 cases are from one ludicrous event attended by over 16,000 people, with over 40% of the attendees still refusing to come forward for testing.

As you can see from the photo below – even the presence of police road blocks to query peoples reasons for being out is not proving a deterrent. So while Boris’s ever so polite close “as soon as you reasonably can” softly softly approach is there now – it might not be like that for long……