Huel in the time of crisis

Not sure if there’s already a similar topic.
Now that the world is fighting coronavirus and there’s shortage of groceries in supermarkets (in Italy, for example), I think Huel and similar products should really benefit from the situation. I ordered a delivery right now and I’m at peace for at least a month.
Hopefully, my mom will also take my advice and start using it, especially since complete food is full of beneficial vitamins and minerals.
It’s difficult to explain it other people, but if there is a time for that, it’s now. What do you think? Will you stock on more Huel because of the crisis, or not? Should Huel invest more into advertising and pointing out Huel benefits during this time?

It’s all overblown.

Nothing sells better than fear and panic, whether in groceries or newspapers.

Panic buying because of a winter flu is mental!


It’s useful to have around if there’s a blizzard (or, in the UK, a small flurry) and you’re trapped in the house for a bit. But it doesn’t have the shelf life for proper apocalypse prep. When the asteroid hits and the Winter of a Thousand Years begins, you’re gonna need something better than Huel. Plus guns probably.

That’d be really irresponsible. Wash your hands and don’t lick any strangers, unless you really like them, then you should, if they don’t mind.


it might also be seen as profiteering and playing off of peoples fears and hysteria - not the message you need to send out.


There are some preppers that already use Huel and similar products because they’re so easy to store and very compact in terms of kcal per g. But in a true SHTF situation there’s likely to be problems around water collection so powdered foods present their own challenges that MRE’s etc don’t and ‘true’ preppers will have multiple sources of nutrition.

Ethics aside. Did you know that Huel source three of their main ingredients from China? (Pea Protein, Brown Rice Protein and MCT Powder). I’ve no idea what that means for Huel right now, but you can be your sh#t that Huel Towers are having discussions because a ton of companies are already announcing upcoming product shortages due to the slow down in Chinese production due to the virus.

Is it though? The data coming from China can’t be trusted. Whilst we’re still being told it’s nothing to worry about…

  • China built a 1000 bed hospital in a week to deal with cases they said don’t exist.
  • Wuhan crematoriums started working around the clock to cope with influx of bodies.
  • Cities of millions were put on lockdown to stop the spread of covid19.
  • Flights have been grounded.
  • Ships of thousands put in quarantine.
  • Big public events like MWC and multiple Marathons are being cancelled.
  • It looks like Austria is about to close its’ border with Italy.

That’s some heavy handed reaction to a bit of a cold. From the looks of it if you’re basically healthy then you’ve nothing to worry about, but if you’re immune system is weak due to whatever, you’re screwed.

“All-Natural” :wink:


exactly like regular seasonal flu - that kills an average of 1,500 a day around the globe, every day, every week, every month and every year. but no one really gives a shit about that because its only the old and the sick - just like Covid-19.

BTW - I believe Canada is still the worlds biggest producer of Pea Protein - not China - churning out more than a third of the global production.

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Kind of true. I’m not super paranoid about it but it’s not as like seasonal flu as lots of people think.

The R0 (basic reproduction number) of seasonal flu is about 2, so for everyone 1 person infected it’s likely that 2 others will catch it off them. Onset of symptoms tends to take one to four days after exposure, with people most infectious during that time.

The R0 of covid19 is closer to 6 and symptoms onset looks like it’s taking 14 - 27 days.

So covid19 is around three times as infectious as seasonal flu, symptoms take 5-10 times longer to show themselves, and we don’t know when people are spreading the virus during that time.

The big question we can’t answer is the mortality rate. The seasonal flu kills up to 646,000 worldwide each year. Since covid19 seems to be three times as infectious it’s logical to triple that 1,938,000. But with the longer infection period due to hidden symptoms that number could shoot up wildly.

For sure, but Huel don’t source pea protein from Canada.

Ingredient Sources (source)
Oat: UK
Flaxseed Powder: Canada
Sunflower Oil: India
Pea Protein: China
Brown Rice Protein: China
MCT Powder: China

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there’s an argument for that most times of the year. just sayin’


I spend a lot of time babysitting my nephews.

The young aren’t too bad, its the pre-teens we wanna sacrifice :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

but they could if they needed to :slight_smile:

Oh for sure. They could also source all of their ingredients locally within each market to be more sustainable/environmentally friendly :wink:

thats just crazy talk :smile: are you running a temperature? :wink:

cough cough

My weekend lol

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No, Huel shouldn’t be advertising to take advantage of a health emergency.

People should, however, try and be as fit and healthy as they can to give themselves the best chance of fighting (any kind of) infection. Huel isn’t the only source of good nutrition, so it shouldn’t be marketed as if it’s a magic bullet to fight particular diseases as that will give people a false sense of hope. That’s not Huel’s place. If people find Huel while looking for good sources of nutrition, that’s fine.

While on the subject, if you want a good source of information regarding the current coronavirus situation that’s easy to understand, this British doctor has been following all of the latest available figures being released, speaking to his medical contacts around the world, and providing regular daily updates on his view of what is currently happening.

He has started to indicate that HE thinks that UK authorities are underplaying the current situation as it stands right now and are lagging in what he thinks the response should be.

His view is that despite UK NHS authorities saying they are fully prepared, he says that’s not the case.

His words over the last few days, “The World Health Organisation needs to declare this as a pandemic”. Hopefully he’s wrong, but interesting to watch what he’s been following from a medical professional’s perspective.

Here’s his update from yesterday when he said “I don’t understand why the WHO has not declared this as a pandemic”:

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I guess they won’t do that unless it reaches Phase 6 of what is used to describe the escalation to a pandemic situation - currently its clearly sitting in the definition of phase 5 which is a pandemic alert rather than an actual pandemic period. As a medical professional - he should know that.

For example - Tuberculosis rates of infection, death and geographical locations are fire higher than Covid-19 but this is classed as an epidemic rather than a pandemic. A pandemic is an epidemic of world-wide proportions. Covid-19 as of yesterday had confirmed cases in only 38 countries with 18 of those with 3 cases or less so it cannot really be considered as a worldwide infection yet - as confirmed infections only account for 0.001% of the population.

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Interesting. How are they defining “Community-level outbreaks”?

  • Phase 5: Spread of disease between humans is occurring in more than one country of one WHO region.
  • Phase 6: Community-level outbreaks are in at least one additional country in a different WHO region from phase 5. A global pandemic is under way."

Cases have been reported in the following continents:

Africa: Egypt (1).
Asia: China (PRC)(77 169), Hong Kong (SAR)(74), Macao (SAR)(10), Republic of Korea (763), Japan (144), Singapore (89), Islamic Republic of Iran (43), Thailand (35), Taiwan (28), Malaysia (22), Vietnam (16), the United Arab Emirates (13), India (3), the Philippines (3), Kuwait (3), Israel (2), Cambodia (1), Nepal (1), Sri Lanka (1), Bahrain (1) and Lebanon (1).
America: the United States (35) and Canada (9).
Europe: Italy (132), Germany (16), the United Kingdom (13), France (12), Spain (2), Russia (2), Belgium (1), Finland (1), and Sweden (1).
Oceania: Australia (22)
Other: Cases on an international conveyance (Japan) (691).

I think because they are defining it using the level 5 description of larger clusters but human-to-human spread still localised (given that the vast majority of cases are ‘localised’ to China and its territories).

However - the second part of the description suggesting that the virus IS becoming increasingly better adapted to humans, but may not yet be fully transmissible (substantial pandemic risk) - has already passed. They did advise yesterday that the world should do more to prepare for a possible coronavirus pandemic.

The WHO said it was too early to call the outbreak a pandemic but countries should be “in a phase of preparedness”.