Preparing for the zombie apocalypse

Huel has a shelf life of 12 months - good enough for most purposes.

But let’s say that the recent dialogue between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un has unnerved me a bit and the end of the world looks a little more likely than it did six months ago. How practical is Huel for preparing for armageddon?

What happens after 12 months? Does Huel start to loose nutritional value or does it become unsafe to consume?
Faced with the alternative of starvation, would it be wise to consume Huel say five years after purchase? It is after all a powder in a sealed container. I can’t see why it would not remain eatable after 10 years if it was stored carefully.

I remember from my Army days that ration packs had a shelf life of 10 years and some of their contents were powders in similar packaging to Huel.

It seems to me that Huel is the ideal substance to stock up for the long haul, but only if it remains safe to consume long-term.

I’m pretty sure that radiation sickness, nuclear winter or any of the other staples of post-apocalyptic fiction would do for you long before your stockpile of Huel was even out of date, let alone degraded by the sheer passage of time.


Nuclear winter will save the overnight refrigeration problem.


Unless you live near Korea then what are you worried about?

I have previously considered the important scenario and Huel will certainly be part of my plan. I also have the advantage of knowing where the warehouse is :wink:

There will be minimal nutrient degradation after 12 months; I’d be more worried about my zombie-killing skills than any remote possibility of a slight lower intake of riboflavin.


I was thinking of this the other day, good to know that it’s just a degradation of nutrients after a year.
I am sure you said where the factory is, but I can’t remember. Devon? Kent? If zombie/nuclear apocalypse comes, you may have to turn the factory into a fort to fend off hungry huellers.

The factory is in Devon, but the warehouse is in a secret zombie-proof location somewhere else :wink:


All of this has been fun, but unfortunately none of it answers what was meant as a serious question. Just how long is Huel safe to consume? Is there any ingredient or constituent that becomes toxic with time?

To put it another way - why do Army ration packs have a 10 year use by date when Huel only has a one year use by date?

HI @Peter

I did answer:

In response to your new points: nothing will become toxic with time.

Army ration packs - 10 years? I thought it was 2-3. This is because of possible spoilage. Huel is a powder and is not susceptible to the same microbial risk as items in army ration packs. Also, maybe Huel could have a longer shelf life. We’re a young company who’ve only been around for 2 and bit years. We’re doing real-time shelf-life studies in respect of nutrient degradation; when we’re confident, we may consider increasing it.


So James, what you’re suggesting is that upon the onset of a zombie holocaust, we need to prioritise getting to you, so we can negotiate the whereabouts of the secret huel bunker? I have watched alot of Walking Dead and am fairly confident I can offer a level of protection, using a rolling pin and a huel scoop!


the real issue would be sourcing enough clean water to make the huel


well, this thread kinda inspired this video…


“if you’re vegan in the zombie apocalypse”



What might be the shelf life of vaccuum-packed canned Huel powder? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello James, could you link the results of the degradation after a year? Which nutrients are lost?

More importantly, if I get turned, does Huel contain the RDA of brains?

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It’s vegan…what do vegan zombies eat? Graaainnns.


Shouldn’t waited one more day James.



Yes, sorry, I shouldn’t have revived this one.

If we are talking zombies then you have to think about being on the run with Huel, unless you have a bunker, or you have been able to barricade safely in your home. If you are bugging out then you’ll need a camel pack of water and a huge backpack to carry the Huel alongside other survival items, including a way to collect more water, first aid, a way to make fire for a long time, and I also recommend purchasing a crossbow. I’ve not thought about this much though.