Survival food

I’ve searched the forum and there’s not a lot about survival food.

Is anyone else including Huel powder in any prep store? With all the uncertainty over Brexit and wider issues such as conflict in Iran, I feel that having an emergency kit at home makes some sense. Just in case of food or fuel shortages. Huel makes perfect sense, with some fifteen or so meals in a bag. The only downside is that Huel has a shelf life of a year. Not a problem if you buy the stuff each month and rotate the bags so you always have a couple of bags in the store.

There are several places selling quite expensive food designed to stay in a prep store for several years. It is costly, though but the food is designed for long storage. Huel has the advantage of being cheaper and creating quite a number of meals. I have a stock of water bottles which ought to last years. I also have canisters of gas and a camping stove and a fancy water straw which filters contaminated water.

I’d be very interested in hearing from others who have included Huel in their prep store and indeed, what other items they have in their prep store.

Better safe than sorry.

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A couple of bags won’t get you through a harsh nuclear winter. Just get an AK47 and take a trip to Devon when the zombies attack…and raid the warehouse.

I’ve seen Threads. If the alarms sound I’m going out into the street to absorb the full force of the blast. Sod sticking around afterwards.


I recently saw the remastered version. Still as hard hitting as when I saw it as a kid. “You cannot win a nuclear war…total annihilation!” I had to then watch the Clangers to cheer up. Tiny Clanger has a total respect for others that we should all strive for.

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Would the use of Huel not be dependent upon the scenario that you are preparing for?

Oh come on. Brexit is not going to lead to food shortages to such a scale that we need to rely on a prepper caches. It’s always good to have enough food in the house to go a couple of weeks should something random happen, but storing food for more than a year is daft.

We might have less of a few specific foods, but no-one’s going to starve or run out of fuel unless a load of idiots run out panic buying everything.

From a quick read of this page, it seems that food types most at risk seems to be Irish beef, French wine, Danish pork, Dutch potatoes and Swedish fish.

Hang on, Swedish fish…

I didn’t know they actually came from Sweden. Oh god. What have we done!

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We need Jesus to help with the fish here? Any idea when he’s back from his hols?

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He’s never coming back after what we did to him the first time.

edit: I can’t take credit for that joke.

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can’t beat a bit of conspiracy theory.

The chemtrails made me post it.

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What a load of cods-wallop. I’ve haddock up to here with fish jokes. This is not the plaice for them, so scale back on them please. I am floundering for any more puns.



Reading this while ordering HUEL as the world is about to have a Pandemic…

We have pandemics pretty regularly and much to the dismay of merchants of doom - the world and the human race does not end.

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I’m more worried about people panic buying more than anything else.

yeah there’s no accounting for that sadly

Haha. And remember, there’d be some rather large, radioactive holes in Devon at such a time! HMNB Devonport in Plymouth would be a primary target, what with it being " the sole nuclear repair and refuelling facility for the Royal Navy. The largest naval base in Western Europe." Apparently, Huel loses nutritional value when cooked, so probably try outrunning the zombies and get to Wales instead!!

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Or just wait like, 3 days? Lets not forget these are walking corpses, British weather would decompose them enough to be less of a threat in no time.

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I’m taking no chances. I got a delivery yesterday and placed another order for another bigger batch today. Huel has a long shelf life (one year) and I saved fifteen quid by ordering a bigger batch. I’ve also got a huge reservoir of water too, again with a very long shelf-life.

Given the long shelf life, I wonder why I didn’t order more in the first place and taken advantage of the discount. I was averaging two bags a month but fifteen quid is fifteen quid. I’ll not be ordering two bags again when I can save fifteen quid for ordering more.