Preppin' - easier to read expiry dates please!

THere’s been a bit of stuff going around in the UK about Prepping - having food (and batteries!) in the cupboard in the case of national emergencies. On the back of that I thought that, instead of trying to run my Huel supply down before making the next order, I’ll make sure I’ve got a reserve at any one time.

So I just looked at the expiry dates for the first time. They are pretty hard to find. And even harder to read. Frankly, they’re a bit of an afterthought. Any chance of making them a bit clearer and in a more relevant position? What about at the top of the bag? And, if you can’t print in white on black, leaving a white panel in which it’s black on white?

ps I’m also noticing that it’s a “BBE” - “best before ends”. So maybe I don’t have to worry about the stuff going off at all?

You just gotta hope they serve it in the army when you gotta sign up for National Service

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Appreciate the feedback! It’s something I’ll most definitely pass on. If you are ever unsure of where it is you can always reach out and we can point ya in the right direction.

We would recommend that you consume Huel before the BBE. Everything may look and smell okay but the vitamins and minerals blend could potentially be off.

Although the official position will always be “consume before the BBE” - I’ve got a bag of black edition which is coming up for 2 years past the BBE and I’m still dibbing into it from time to time and it tastes the same and I don’t get any stomach wobbles from it.

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You don’t get any nutrients from it either as they all left the building*

*Only joking.

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I triple dare you to press the logout button on the forum.