Huel Bars Past Their Best (But How Far?)

Hello all.

Long time lurker. First time poster.

I have a couple of boxes of v3.0 bars with a BBE date of June 2019.

Does anyone have experience of eating bars past their BBE date and if so, how did you find them?

I realise I could find out myself by trying one but I thought I’d ask here first in case they become dangerously toxic the day after BBE!

Thank you in advance and it’s a pleasure being here.


If this was the case then the date would be a use by and a not best before. Best before means the timespan that the product will taste at its best. It is still perfectly safe to consume after this date and in the case of the Huel bar it’s likely to just be dryer than when it was new.

Dairy products have a use by date because they turn and will cause illness if consumed long after the use by date.

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Hi @mgiiklel
I have been eating v2 bars that went out of date in April 19 and they are still good.

For some reason, a couple have ‘expanded’ wrappers. Maybe these are the ones I had in my hot van for a couple days I’m not sure. I’m not planning on eating them lol

The others though look fine, taste fine and are still good, nearly 5 months past their bbe date :+1:t2:

Thanks for your feedback, @Coup.

I assumed the bars wouldn’t actually turn toxic. It was my attempt at a little first post humour. :rofl::face_with_raised_eyebrow: I’ll try harder next time. :thinking:

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Thanks for your feedback, @ChristinaT.

I won’t throw them out just yet then. :crossed_fingers:

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Yeah munch them :grin: they will be fine :yum:

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Hi Mike! I would eat one of those dry old bars, then I’d post “I ate one. It didn’t taste too bad, but there was a slight metallic aftertaste and now I feel a bit dizzy. I’ll post an update tomorrow for sure!”

Then I’d quit the forum for a year.


I am the expert on out of date. I ate a V1 bar over a year out of date, no problem. Nutritionally? Maybe some degradation, but nowt wrong with it taste wise…maybe a little dry, but v1 was always dry.

“When i were a lad I ate a Twix that went out of date before the Big Bang and it never did me no harm.”

This is very specific advice, which I applaud and fear in equal measure.