Use by date on huel

I have discovered a couple of bags at the back of my cupboard approaching the use by date, I usually pull all the bags to the front and put fresh stuff at the back so it’s always well in date but these 2 bags have slipped through. Anyway, is there any issue with using once out of date since it’s been stored correctly or should I bin em after the use by date.

I’m afraid we can’t recommend consuming Huel after the use by dates. Sorry that these ones shifted to the back of the cupboard.

It is not a Use By date, it is a Best Before date. This means Huel is still safe to eat after the Best Before date, it just no longer guarantees the nutritional values.

As always, do a visual and smell inspection first, check for any damage to the bag, and taste a small amount. If all looks good, then it should still be safe.

In theory, if stored properly, Huel can last forever without becoming unsafe to consume.

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Thanks for the replies on this.

Can you confirm the date on the pack. I have an older bag with Batch 16691A and a date 03 /21. Should I consider using this bag? It is unopened and undamaged. Is there another Use by date I should be looking for? Thanks

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There’s no Use By date. It’s a Best Before End date and that’s all.

Huel will, officially speaking, say that they do not recommend you consume that bag. However, because it’s a Best Before End date, what that functionally means for you is that if you open and consume that bag and it doesn’t taste nice, the texture is different, the nutritional profile isn’t as per the back of the bag, Huel won’t do anything about it. It shouldn’t be dangerous to consume (if it was, it’d be a Use By instead), just perhaps not as enjoyable as it should be. They’ve only guaranteed that it’ll be as they intend until the BBE date. After that, you’re on your own, so to speak.

If the bag is unopened, there’s no damage to it that has compromised the integrity of the bag, and it’s been stored somewhere sensible (somehwere cool, dark, and dry - in a cupboard basically), then there’s no real reason why you couldn’t at least try it. I’ve personally had Huel that was a full year past its BBE when I opened it and it was fine.

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you will know pretty much straight away when you open it if it has soured and gone off by the smell - if it smells fine then you should be good to go.

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Reiterating what others have said. Although my post in 2017 you’ve replied to I say that it’s a use by date. Which it isn’t, it’s a best before. So I would echo what @ddiamondd has said, we can’t recommend you do, but it’s a best before and it’s up to your discretion.