Best before date

I recently found two almost full bags of Huel tucked away in my cupboard. Both have been opened but have been closed properly. The thing is one is 6 months past its best before date and the other is 12 months past. I’ll probably just throw one out but is the other one suitable for eating?

They both look and smell perfectly fine and are completely dry, not clumping up at all. Will it be safe to consume? Will it have lost any nutritional quality. I understand that the dates have their purpose but it looks fine and it is “best before” not “use by” so as I understand it just won’t be at it’s best, but what will have changed?

It seems such a waste to chuck out £45 worth of food

I’d say give it a try…if it was a used by date then definitely not, but best before just means it tastes at it’s best before that date, so although it might not do you any harm, the taste may be a bit off. Try a single scoop with 200ml if water to see how it tastes.


Flax is the one thing that may make it not so clever… And there will be some loss of nutritional values… But it should probably be OK. I would use it.

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I’d also use it as long as it tastes OK. Flaxseed is supposed to degrade quite fast after grinding, but that hasn’t been my experience at all, as long as it’s properly stored.

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Another vote for use rather than bin

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I shall give it a try then, thanks everyone