Opened and way past best before date - risk it?

Hi guys,

I’ve had a look into whether it’s safe to have huel past its best before date although seem to be getting mixed views so:

I have found an opened pouch of huel that is a year past its best before date (03/18) and has definitely been opened for over 1.5 years or maybe even 2 years. It has mainly been stored in a cupboard however as it’s opened I am unsure that it is worth risking it (read things at how once opened even though its been resealed along the re-sealable part of the pouch, bacteria could spoil it?)

After smelling it, I can’t say for sure that it smells fine (can’t really remember what normal huel should smell like)

I am thinking of buying some more anyway so could just compare the smells between the new/old and see? Or is it not risking it at all?


Hi @ljack I certainly wouldn’t risk it. Suggest you throw it out and buy new.

Personally; I’d eat it.

Best Before means just that - that it’s “best” before a certain date. Flavour/vitamin content might have degraded a bit but it’s not the same as a use by date that indicates when a product may no longer be safe to eat.

The only question to me was whether it was left open whilst stored or had it been opened and then resealed? If the latter I’d have no problem having it myself, if the former I’d be a little more dubious.

Your mileage may vary though :wink:

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If it says ‘best before’ then that means it tastes or looks better before that date. In other words quality may be compromised. If it says ‘Use by’
This means it should be used by that date and is considered by the manufacturer as being unsafe for consumption.

If it was still unopened I would have no problems eating it all; it’s just that as it has been open for a long time. Huel recommends that once opened it should be consumed within 6 months - I know that this is only for safety at their end however being opened (and re-sealed using the pouch sealer thing) for such a long time could be potentially bad?

Anyway is it worth a taste test? It is vanilla flavour but is there anything I should be looking out for taste wise? As in a dodgy flavour etc? It’s been so long since I have tasted it!

I’m clearly overthinking this! :upside_down_face:

If it was still sealed and untampered with I would use it, but as the Huel in question had been opened I would not.

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@hunzas is always eating out of date food and it’s never done him any harm.


Yeah, Ask a load of random strangers on the internet just to be sure.

I’d eat it, and if it made me sick…I’d eat it again.


I agree with @Bee on this one - it’s been open a long time. Bacteria could easily have got in a long time ago and bred like crazy.
If it had been unopened I would eat it even a couple of years after the use by date, but opened it is most likely not okay and definitely wouldn’t have much nutritional value.
Chuck it and buy yourself a fresh bag :slight_smile:

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Post it to @hunzas and he will eat it, waste not want not

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I’d be more worried about stuff like flour beetles, weevils and tarantulas living in it. Treat yo self to a new bag of a new flavour.

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Let me climb out of this dumpster first.


Cheers guys for the replies - as I was going to purchase more anyway and found this in the cupboard, it seems best to throw it away just in case!