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So I’ve been a long time user of Huel but go in and out of using it regularly! I have 2 unopened ‘old’ bags with a best before of 11/21 so 4 months old or so. Should I just throw these in the bin or should I be on? I don’t know why, but it sort of feels like powder should be less likely to go off or cause me problems but thought I’d check in with the forum gods! :smiley:

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I would imagine they should be ok. easiest ways to tell are firstly is there excessive air in the bag bloating it at all which would indicate something has gone off and secondly, if not just opening it. the smell will be an easy indicator if its still OK.

not sure if or how much the nutritional content may have degraded but at least you’d know that its (probably) fine to eat :slight_smile:

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Our Huel products have a Best Before date, which is more about quality in terms of nutrition and taste, rather than a Use-By date which indicates when a food may be safe to consume until. So I can’t guarantee the quality or advise its consumption, but as your pouches are unopened you should be okay. If you open and find it smells/tastes off - please don’t consume. :blush:

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Ok great, all makes sense! Thanks for the quick feedback ^^

Don’t worry about best before dates. Some are set for legal reasons but in general they are far too conservative. I’ve eaten a Huel bar which was 6 months past the best before date and couldn’t tell any difference.

Treat it like anyother food. If its sealed I dont fret the date.

That’s long covid


I’m still finishing off my last two bags of v2.3 :sweat_smile: I haven’t died yet.

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Ive still got 1 bag of v2.3 u&u unopened. I keep meaning to mix with another flavour but never do. :tropical_drink:

Ahaha, that’s good go know man! :joy:

Best before date: January 2020 :sweat_smile:

To be honest, you couldn’t tell the difference.

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