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I still have about thirty Bags left of mixed flavoured huel, vanilla, berry and banana which I purchased in March 2020 in prep for lockdown.

How long will they keep their nutritional value? I’m trying to decide whether to keep them stored and use as I go or quickly give them away to family and friends.

Thanks in advance.

I’m in the market for any Original v.2.3, if you have any of that lying around.

NOT v.3.0 though :nauseated_face:

You should have a best-before date on the back of pouch. After this time it’s up to your discretion, there will be some nutrient degradation.

Thank you, Tim.

Any idea on how fast it degrades. ie…in six months past use by how much has it reduced?

Can anyone please confirm the rate at which the nutritional value declines after the best before date?

I’m afraid we don’t have this information. The best before tells you how long the pouches keep their nutritional value stated on the back of pack if stored correctly. If your Huel has gone past it’s best before our recommendation is to get a new pack, anything else is your own decision. Sorry for that.

Thanks, Tim. Not being awkward but if you have set a BBE date there must be a reason for this in terms of why it is best before that date and what happens after that date?

Best before dates are set based on quality and safety. Our main concern is that beyond this date the vitamin and mineral amounts may fall outside of declared labelling regulations.

It’s a balancing act between providing the longest shelf-life possible that also meets quality and safety standards set by ourselves and the region the Huel product is sold in.

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This would require lab tests to be performed on out of date Huel which is not something the average user can do.

The nutritional profile will not fall off a cliff. Even 6 months past it’s date, if stored correctly I would expect the vast majority of it’s nutritional profile to be intact.

Ultimately though you are seeking information which nobody can provide you with. Huel have a date on their packet which they stand by and anything beyond that is your decision. As a company they can’t be advising people to consume products past their date as they could end up in all kinds of trouble. We know though that BBE dates are set FAR too conservatively but legally companies have no choice.

I have eaten a current version Huel bar 6 months past it’s BBE date as an experiment and to be honest it tasted the same as one in date. I push food far past its BBE as I don’t like wasting food. I have cows milk at least a week past its date and it’s still fine.

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I did a quick back-of-the-envelope calculation, written out below…

R(x)/365 +(a2 - A* - O) Óa

I hope that helps…