How to deduce the deadline of Huel?

Hi all Huelers!
I returned to Huel after a few months off. I could prepare most of my meals in a solid way but now, for work, I decided to go back to using Huel.
And here is my question: unfortunately I still have enough leftovers: I have two bags whose expiry date is still very long (I know it is about a year since it is sold if it remains closed).
I can’t go back to when they were opened but is there a way I can “deduce” if they have expired or not? I have no idea if it’s been 6 months or more so I thought maybe there was a way to see it, because the taste still seems ok.
I’m afraid that “if it’s good and you have no problems, it’s ok” may not be the best solution.
Thank you!

I would say that if they smell and taste OK they’re probably OK. I’d certainly drink them.


I like my Huel like I like my women: old bags that are a bit past their best, but not quite used up, and a while before they expire.


Always had a sneaky feeling you fancied me, John boy :kissing_heart:


As africorn says, if they smell and taste ok they’re absolutely fine to consume. The Huel team can correct me if I’m wrong, but the issues that occur after 6 months opened are only due to micronutrients slightly breaking down and therefore decreasing below the values on the label (vitamin C will be the first to break down). So you may not be getting quite 100% RDA per 2000 calories, but you certainly won’t encounter any harm from consumption. The exception to this is if they were exposed to moisture - that would allow bacterial growth, but would also be detectable by taste and smell.


Thank you so much!

I’m pretty sure he’s right. The best befores are not due to potentially being bad or causing you stomachal problems, but the degradation of the product lowering the quality. Some nutrients will degrade and hence, as he said, the amounts per serving might not 100% be true anymore.


UPDATE: I tried my Berry Huel (opened about 7-8 months ago) in water, good thickness, I left it in the fridge for a night and in the morning it completely lost the taste of Berry.
It was not bad, but maybe I should throw the whole box.