How do you tell is huel has gone 'bad'?

So I’ve been a very on/off user of huel. At one point was using it for breakfast & lunch every day. Got a bit lax on it, and only been using occassionally for breakfast for convenience.

I’m looking to start back on it, as it did before help me stop snacking/felt more energetic and new year blah blah need to lose some weight!

So the bag I have currently has probably been open about… maybe 9 months i’m completely guessing. It tastes fine, and I dont feel sick - not sure what the implications of a huel past its best is?

Any advice greatly appreciated :smiley:

I want to add that I have read the expiry info (6 months opened and 1 yr unopened) but as I said i’m purely guessing when it was opened.

I plan to use it (though i’m sure you’ll all tell me not to!) just what signs should I look out for that its not longer good?

If it has been kept dry, packet closed and in a dark odour free place I can’t envisage any issues…apart from loss of some of the nutritional benefits. I’d still use it.

There is one most reliable way to tell if huel is bad or not, drink it and ifyou do this

then it gone bad :slight_smile: you can always double and triple check to make sure that results are consistent in multiple trials and to know for sure if it gone bad or your organism just need time to adjust :slight_smile:

sorry couldn’t resist :stuck_out_tongue:


Lid will usually make a loud ‘pop’ when you open the shaker as well.

Once it pops you can’t stop. Or am I mistaking Huel for horrible crisps things in a tube?

It is unlikely to do you any harm, but it will taste sour and unpleasant. You will know straight away, but I always drink mine anyway and no ill effects!