Expired sealed bags - would you eat it?

Hi Huelers,

I’ve just found an old bag hiding behind my more recent orders. Unopened, expiration 07/17. I normally take a liberal approach to expiration dates, but would appreciate views/ experiences in this area. How far past the expiration date have you continued to consume unopened bags?

(Huel team, I know the official advice would be to chuck it out, but I live outside the distribution zone and this bag is precious.)


Would chug that no question if it’d been sealed. I have a 5KG bag of opened Scottish oats in my cupboard, they expired in November but are still fine. I have two scoops before the gym every Monday at 5am. Seen no issues at all.

Note: I’m one of those people who will eat anything and go purely by smell/taste for whether it’s gone off or not… Your mileage may vary…


I wouldn’t think twice about eating it. Sure it’ll be fine!

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Be sound that.

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I’d risk it for a biscuit.


Thanks all, I appreciate your wisdom. Will report back in a month or so.

Anyone know who went for seven months in the expired by expired sweepstake? :crossed_fingers:

I’d eat it after 10 years mate, huel is life.


Speaking purely from a consumer perspective, I reckon the main issue would be micronutrients. I assume that there must be some degradation in micronutrients. Godspeed to you!

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Happy to report that I am still alive. Eight-months-expired Huel tastes the same and hasn’t caused any negative side effects. Happy to take the hit on micronutrients.

Verdict: expired Huel is vastly superior to no Huel.


Like your live life on the edge style :grinning:

My stash of Huel bars v1.0 expired around October last year but they’re still tasty as ever :yum:

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You’re going to love the v2 bars if you haven’t tried already :wink:

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I’ve got those too, still in date as well which is a nice bonus :yum: