How long past BBE date? H&S

Cleaning my cupboard I found a bag of unopened Tomato & Basil. Yeah! Except its BBE date is October 2023. How long do I have to eat it before it starts tasting off? I know that my opened bag developed a plastic taste, but I don’t remember how long that took.

well its still in date, so chow away.

I’m not going to eat it all in one night!

You have 28 days and then…immediate death


As hunzas said, this will remain in date until the end of the month :slightly_smiling_face:

Although I can confirm no immediate death if you were to consume it just after.


I’ve consumed Huel products well after BBE and still here. So yeah, I may have exaggerated a little


I’m still eating bags of black which are 18 months past their BBE date :rofl:


I use bags that old as sandbags to keep water from seeping under the door of my caravan in stormy weather.


I wonder Huel can go off to the point it causes immediate death. Seems like a useful thing someone (else) should test.

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1 scoop mixed with a half packet of Jin Ramen (mild) and I’m ready for an evening workout.
So far so good.

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That reminds me. I haven’t seen @mbs around here recently


I see what you did there. :rofl:

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In April 2023 I finished a Tomato & Herbs with the BBE-date 12/2022 that I had opened first in Aug. 2022. Survived, obviously.
It wasn’t the only product I ate months after BBE, I have a faint memory of one of them tasting a bit rancid. Not sure, which one it was.

My current bag of black vanilla “expired” June 2021. Stored in an airtight tupperware from Poundland since I opened it three months ago. Not dead yet. Tastes just like any other Huel Black :grimacing:

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I’ve had some bags well over the BBE date too and only real thing I noticed is that flavours diminished and the earthy pea protein taste came through stronger. I’d think that if the flavour components have drifted off the mortal coil – perhaps the same could be true of its nutritional value. They degrade at a slow rate even in a controlled environment so it could be safe to eat but perhaps not the wisest choice.

My current bag of Black Vanilla has a bbe of July 2021. It was kept in a dark airtight container until opened, now in a large airtight tub while I make my way through it.

Tastes just fine to me :slight_smile: :woman_shrugging:

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Oh dear. I’m sure it shouldn’t taste just like cinnamon swirl or banana :stuck_out_tongue: