Bag left open for a couple of weeks, still OK?

Hi everyone,

my bag of huel was left partially open for a couple of weeks when I went on holiday. I am not sure if it is just be but it tastes a little worse. If the bag is not sealed tightly and properly can it go bad or do anything like lose flavour etc?

flax can oxidise and go rancid…that’s really the only thing that may account for it…unless mice peed in it.

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100% no mice near it. That is for sure!

So is it still useable? I can get round the taste by adding something sweet to it. I just need to know it’s still fine to consume :slight_smile:

If it smells more like oil paint then it has probably oxidised considerably and I wouldn’t use it; oxidised linseeds aren’t particularly good for you.

Having said that I am not an expert on this, so it may be better to let one of the Huel team advise. It would probably be worse if it was warmer too…

Just gave it a smell, looks OK, I am not sure how it should smell if it was bad but it smells of Huel, no bad smells or anything quite like that…

I appreciate the replies, will be annoyed if a whole bag of Huel has gone bad!

It would smell of rancid oils, you said in first post it tastes worse…if you think not much difference, and bad smell then go for it.

Yeah it tasted a little worse I think, I tried it once a few weeks back but not since. I am wondering if it is all in my head and like a placebo effect cause I know it was left open partially. It definitely does not small bad at this point.

So as an update here, I have tried blending 9 strawberries into my vanilla Huel mix and I am very happy with the taste.

So all I need to know is there any health issues from drinking Huel that has been left open and not sealed?