Old Huel

While cleaning my garage I just found 6 bags of unopened Huel, with a best-before date of 2017.
Any suggestions what I can do with this? Is it still edible? Can I use it in the garden in any way… suggestions please!

It’s probably okay. It would definitely have had a small amount of degradation of nutrients. But hopefully hasn’t gone rancid (I would smell and taste it !)
If it’s been sealed and stored in a cupboard, I’m guessing it’ll be fine. I would eat it !

If you’re brave enough perhaps you’ll try it and let us know the outcome

I’d eat it, unless the packages were damaged.


Nope, the packaging is perfect. The bags were in a Huel cardboard box, never moved since they shipped it to me :slight_smile: If it smells ok i’ll have a taste and report back.

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