Slightly past use by date

I bought a lot of Huel powder about a year ago. I have some left which is now a few weeks past the use by date. Is it OK to finish what I have left ?

Is it opened? If it’s been open a year I wouldn’t eat it. If it’s sealed I would.

I would rely on your senses with this one, if it was sealed and in a dark place then it should be fine, but look at it, smell it, taste a little. I’ve eaten Huel way past it’s sell by date and it tasted the same to me

I like my Huel like I like my women, past it and kept in a cool dark place.

If you open the pouch and a dragon flies out then I would probably give it a miss.

If a dragon does fly out, let me know and I will stock up on bags of Huel to leave to grow my own dragons.

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And if Emilia Clarke emerges at the same time as the dragons put her back in the bag and don’t let her make any more Christmas films.


So would I, that’s less vegan than a bit of shellfish contamination