Left an unopened bag of Huel in a very hot car for 8 days. Is it still consumable?


I went to a music festival this past week and I was planning to eat a lot of Huel there, so I took an unopened bag of Huel with me. A lot of good food ended up being there, so I did not end up touching Huel at all.

The problem is that the bag stayed in my car for the whole duration of the festival, which was 8 days. It was very hot outside, temperatures were ranging up to 35℃ (95℉), if not even more! The car was not parked in the shade, so it was very hot inside during the day.

Is the bag of Huel still edible, or is it safer to just throw this one away?


Should have gone to a UK festival…it would have been cool and rainy.

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I’d mix a scoop and try it. If it tasted alright then I’d eat it as normal.

Not one to waste things me :wink:

Mix up a batch, and smell. When Huel goes rancid, you smell it instantly; there’s no question. No need to depend on taste.

(I think the powder would also smell, even before you mixed with water. But I’m not sure.)