Will Huel bars spoil if left in my car?

Will Huel bars tolerate being left in a hot car for long periods?

I want to keep some Huel bars in my car as emergency food, in case I get stuck in an extreme traffic jam, but I’ve heard it’s illegal to leave a Huel bar in a car on a hot summer’s day. Or is that dogs I’m thinking of?


My glove box is stashed full of Huel bars and I haven’t had any ill effects from eating them, they’ve been in there for many weeks

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Haha! I also heard that if you leave a cute note on the window saying something like “Please don’t smash my window, the radio is set to my Huel Bar’s favourite radio station and the A/C is on” then you’ll go viral.

Seriously though, keep it out of direct sunlight and don’t leave them in there too long and consume within the best before date, should be fine.