Anyone use Huel on road trips?

I’m going on a 6 hour road trip and I am packing foods to eat along the way. I am into body building so I aim for upwards of 3000 calories a day. I’m going to be consuming a lot of snacks, but I want to maintain my macros and micros as best as I can.

I’m thinking about doing 1 serving of Huel along the way but I am worried about 2 things.

  1. I don’t want to be drinking too much liquid during a long car ride
  2. I don’t want my Huel shaker to sit dirty for hours.

Should I be looking into making some kind of eatable Huel snacks?

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I’m open to suggestions, but I may try to make my own batch of Huel Cookies borrowing some tips here


That sounds like an amazing recipe! Let us know how it goes if you try it!

I often drink huel in the car, but I decant from my shaker into a bottle before I leave home so it fits in my cup holder. The bottle does usually sit in the car then until I get home which can be hours, it’s always been fine though after a wash in hot water with washing up liquid

Hi this is where Huel RTD should be great.

Next week i’ll fly to scotland for a road trip and i’ll bring my powder with me and some vitaline and jakefood bars (i hate huel bar). This in addition of good restaurants will allow me to maintain my 2700/2800 kcal goal per day. I can’t bring some Huel RTD as it won’t be allowed in the plane.

For body building, i bring some elastics and my jumping rope

Don’t forget that in vacation, if you spend a lot of time sitted in the car, you’ll burn much less calories than usual so you may eat less to avoid making fat. I plan to reduce my food intake by 300 kcal for that reason

6 hours won’t be a problem. The only issue you may have is if you leave Huel in a hot car for a few hours…like a dog, Huel dies in hot cars. It goes really rank. Stick ice cubes in it, or if make it fresh when you need it.

You could always rinse it out when you stop for a pee break, or use the shaker for something to pee in if you are desperate but don’t want to stop. You can then shake it up and pour it out the window. Quite a few people drink their own urine anyway. Not sure I fall into that camp.


I was trying my own recipe using one from the link above as a template to get started. The batter was a little to watery, so I added another scoop of Huel. It helped get it thicker, but it was still nowhere near cookie dough. So I gave up on the cookie idea and decided to poor it into a brownie pan. Once it cooked I had slim bars. I’m not sure what to compare them to. At this point they were soft like pancakes. I tried one with butter and it was alright, but not something I want to reply on. So put them in a ziplock bag and stored them in the cabinet over night. The next morning they seemed to have moisted up, so I throw them in the oven again for about 15 minutes to dry them up and make them a little more crispy. After which, they seemed to be perfect. They had a slight oatmeal cookie flavor.

I’ll have to experiment later and see if I can perfect a cookie batch.

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Yes. I’ve done a few drives from UK to Spain and back in my car. On the latest trip I used Huel RTD which worked really well for me. If I wanted to use the powder as I initially did, I mixed with cold water from the service station, consumed the Huel en route, and rinsed out the bottle at the second one. I found the mixing used more water, and I had to stop to urinate, whereas the RTD does not have this effect on me.