Huel RTD, H&S and a Bar in one sitting - too much at once?

I’m an avid cyclist who commutes to work every day - not too far, 4 miles each way, but I’d often do a longer ride (~20 miles) back home a few times a week, and I’d sometimes do mountain biking after work, 80+ mile rides on weekends, and working out 3 times a week.

Basically, I was very active until I crashed on my mountain bike 2 weeks ago and hurt my ribs, so I’ve not been able to work out - but I’m still commuting daily. I’ve cycled every day for over 3 and half months now.

Anyway, the reason for the above is I noticed that I needed to consume about 3,000 calories daily in order to not lose weight. What I was doing for lunch during week was a 400kcal Huel shake, followed by a 400kcal hot and savoury, and sometimes then eating a Huel Bar afterwards (all in one “sitting”, basically one after another).

Now I was thinking, is this simply too much nutrition for one go? Because all of these are nutritionally fortified, is this all essentially wasted? I know that the body can take in perhaps 30g of protein at one go, but I really struggled to eat enough every day without restoring to crappy foods.

Or would I better be off spacing these apart? I generally eat every 3-4 hours

@rikefrejut consumes 2000kcal of Huel in one go each morning and doesn’t seem to have an issue.

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What the f… @rikefrejut how do you do it? Its at least 2-3 liters in volume

Having tracked dinner time meals regularly I don’t think 1000kcal in one sitting is too much, insofar as it’s something commonly done. I regularly have 1000kcal dinners. Although I don’t know whether all that is absorbed from a nutritional perspective. Obviously see how you feel, but I reckon it’s alright.

Also I hope your ribs improve very soon! Good bike weather is around the corner I’m sure.


Thanks all, I just thought if a single serving of huel RTD is giving me 25% of most of my RDA for vitamins etc then going 1.5x that in a sitting may be a bit extreme! But yea, not seem to have had any side effects - I’ve ran out of H&S (my boss gave it to me as he decided he’d rather eat crappy meals instead) so I’m gonna have to order some or start taking extra food into work (one I get active enough to justify that calorie intake)

Cheers Tim - I’ve missed 9 or so workout sessions and it’s really frustrating - I can barely hang off my pullup bar without ab/rib pain, but I’ve discovered I can do some bicep curls, shoulder presses and pressups okay - so I’m on the mend! A week and half and I should be almost back to normal…I hope

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Which is the volume of huel you drink at once?

Excuse the delay - I’d be having 500ml of water with 2 scoops, followed by the H&S - so 800kcal there, and then the Huel bar for 1000kcal in all

So, every morning 1 Huel shaker, 1 bowl of HS and 5 huel bars?

No, one huel bar along with the RTD and H&S - this is for lunch around 2.30pm

Breakfast is a large bowl of porridge, flax seed, chia seeds, a seed mix, almonds/cashews/pine nuts & brazil nuts, a banana, blueberries and a scoop of protein powder (25g or so) - this is around 7.30am

and in between I have a bowl of “growli” which is just like Huel but in museli form - 400kcal, 30g protein, etc