Record for the most Huel consumed in a day

Most Huel consumed in a day. GO!

Powder: 4 x 125g shakes
Granola: A full box
Bars: 10

None of these are worthy of respect though. I’d respect someone who could eat a whole bag of Huel in one day.


Well, 10 bars :scream:

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It’s only 2000 calories.

There was someone who posted something about 7 Huels a day recently…

And 20 trips to the toilet? :rofl::rofl:

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That’s only 2800 calories, if they’re making a standard sized meal. Not much for someone who works out.

I do not work out, and 2000 is plenty. :smile:

It was pretty uneventful, really. Read here! New v3.1 Bars are available!

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I do not recommend two boxes of granola in a lengthy sitting.
After it passed, I felt internally cleansed.


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Hi Jamsampal,

My daily ‘huel-tine’ usually consists of around 8 heaped scoops of unflavored huel, staggered throughout the day. My PB is 8 4-scoopers in one 24 hour period. Pretty epic, right?

Warm Regards,

The Huelenator ™

Why are the posts on this thread being flagged?

I don’t know. That latest one was flagged the moment it was posted, so maybe something automated?

Also, I can tell you’re jealous.


I know, I mean at least I put in some f’kin’ effort to get them flagged.


I might flag you, in solidarity with @Jamsampal. Like an “I’m Spartacus” kinda thing.


Sorted out the flags. They were generic system ones, don’t worry.


Thanks Tim! Love the customer service with you guys

Also, I’ve actually never had a 100% Huel day, I’ll add it to the bucket list. However I’ve definitely had 2000-2500kcal of Huel in a day a number of times. Doing photoshoots running around London it’s a must!

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Yeah it’s really down to you and what’s convenient which I love

About 6000kcal in a day. Did a 75km walk, tried to balance it…needless to say the fibre did the job next day.

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Madness. I was looking at the careers page and noticed you all get free Huel, assuming that’s not capped my desk would have bag of everything open on it and probably never eat anything else ever again.

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