HUEL 3x per day for 1 month!

I have been using strictly Huel (2 scoops) plus either fruit or chocolate/grenade bars mixed for just over one month! I love it! What I want to know, I have found my favourite recipes, what are some of yours? And what’s the longest amount of time you have lasted in strictly only Huel??

Hello. My favourite recipe is 500ml water, 4 scoops of original huel, 2 tsps of ‘Black and Beyond’ micro ground coffee and ice cubes all blended in a electric blender.

The longest I’ve managed so far is 6 days. This wasn’t by choice per se but the heatwave put me off regular food so I swapped my evening meals for Huel.


Where do you source the rest of your calories?

Is this 2 scoops 3 times a day?

I have a Huel 2x Scoops 3x times a day. I add a grenade bar and or fruit to these Huel’s. Each Huel is around 525 Kcal! 3 of those a day, so I get a fair amount of calories In on a day :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

@jstcallum you blend the Grenade bar (or fruit) in with the Huel?

I do indeed :ok_hand: