Heavy and long term users. Any tips?

Hi Everyone, I’ve been taking half of my calories from Huel for about 4 months and feel great, but am getting tired of the same taste and worried this affects sustainability.

I regularly use Banana, Cinnamon, Peanut butter, Chocolate flavored protein powder and of course Coffee. Tried curry and hot sauce once and the taste was horrid…

So wanted to check what tips people that have been using Huel for 6+ months and 250 gr of Huel a day might have.

Any tips will be greatly appreciated!

Summary of some of the responses that I tried and love:

  1. “Set realistic guidelines for when/where you drink it. I only drink it breakfast and lunch during workdays. Beyond that I’ll only drink it if I legit crave it” @Cameron_Kirby

  2. :apple: Apple Cinamon:
    615 calories
    250gr Huel UU + Cinnamon + 1 large or 2 small apples Inspired by @Michal

  3. :chocolate_bar: Cocoa:
    530 calories
    10gr Cocoa + 125gr Huel UU Inspired by Stole_My_Sweetroll
    Leave it overnight in the fridge and it will be a delicious pudding.

  4. :chocolate_bar::banana: Cocoa Banana
    605 calories
    10gr Cocoa + 125gr Huel UU + Banana

  5. :coffee: Coffee
    500 calories
    Coffee + Huel Vanilla

**Add 10-20gr of agave nectar or honey (30-60 calories) if you like a sweeter taste.

I use ninja nutri bullet: frozen fruits (bananas, any type of berries, etc). Ofet mix 2 to 1 with protein whey (so you get flavour from protein whey, less calories, more protein and there is a variety of flavours. Matcha powder - subtle but nice. Apples and cinnamon for apple crumble taste.Blend banana, 2 eggs, one scoop of milk, add milk until right consistency and fry pancackes on coconut oil (YAM!). I never get bored to be honest, especially when use different flavours of whey protein, like salted caramel or rhubarb crumble.

Overnight huel is pretty awesome.

Also invest in a decent blender, like a nutri ninja, or even a little Breville is better than nothing. :slight_smile:

Thanks Michal, you gave me some good ideas!
I’ll be trying apples, with honey and cinnamon today…

Just curious, anything savory you enjoy?

Thanks. I do the overnight Huel and it’s good : )
Any favorite recipe?

2 small apples + 125gr Huel + 21gr honey + cinnamon = one of the best recipes I’ve tried! Thanks Michal!

10g Cocoa, 10g Cinnamon (yes it’s a lot, don’t judge me! :joy:) and 240g Huel, that’s what I do for overnight Huel most days. Normaly blended with 450-500 ml water so it’s almost spoonable.

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No problem :slight_smile:


I’ve been drinking huel a little over a year, 100g for breakfast, 125g for lunch, Mon-Fri. Occasional 100g mid-afternoon snack or weekend meal. I don’t mix it with anything except espresso, which I stopped adding recently so can’t advice on mixes.

Best tip I can give is to set realistic guidelines for when/where you drink it. I only drink it breakfast and lunch during workdays. Beyond that I’ll only drink it if I legit crave it, which does happen but not often. When I’m not drinking Huel I tend to deliberately seek out strong flavors and spices to compensate.

I also don’t beat myself up if I cheat occasionally, especially during lunch. What inevitable happens if I have a ‘real’ lunch is that I collapse into sleep with a food baby and feel horrible all afternoon, which makes sticking to Huel far easier for the next few weeks. :joy:

Another aspect is drinking it when most convenient. For example I drink it at work, where eating something else would be expensive, would take time out of my lunch break to go buy and would likely be less healthy. Huel is the best option on all those fronts. Whereas at home I can cook tasty nutritious food cheaply, so I don’t bother at home.

Best of luck!


Thank you for the thoughtful response.
This gives me a good perspective on how to make it sustainable. Just curious, do you drink Vanilla or the Unflavored one?

I’ve been trying to do every day for breakfast and lunch but it get tiresome… I’ll copy your schedule of M-F.

Again, thanks for the fantastic response!