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Been using Huel for about 3 weeks now. Wasn’t massively keen on the sample but thought I could cope with it, and am trying to slim around the waist a little before going away in September.

I have found it is loads better mixed with berries and a glob of honey, I am currently on the vanilla one.
Been using it for various meal alternatives, breakfast, Lunch and occasionally dinner. It also seems to be much better if you can use a blender and refrigerate for a few hrs before drinking it.

I am only looking to control weight and not lose that much. I am down about 2lbs, but my stomach seems less bloated. I am 6,3, 11st 9, 22% BMI. I swim twice a week, but have a fairly sedentary job.

It has on occasion made me quite gassy and I have had some fairly ‘loose’ movements, but from other posts it seems this isn’t too out of the ordinary.

Anyone else have any other blending tips?

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Hi. I’m about three weeks in to Huel too. I started by blending it with berries and/or banana, which are nice, but the other day I tried it with a spoonful of instant coffee. It’s gorgeous and something I didn’t expect to like !! Give it a go :slight_smile::+1:

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Huel with coffee is the best :relieved:


These are my two favourite combos

Huel Coffee Mocca

50g Huel Vanilla
50g Huel UU
1 tsp instant coffee
1 tbsp cacao powder
550 ml water

Huel Apple Pie

50g Huel Vanilla 152cal
50g Huel UU 161cal
100g Biona apple sauce 52cal
1 tsp cinnamon 6cal
550 ml water

Also I am looking to make Gingerbread Huel by adding date syrup, ginger and allspice to Huel UU. And this one is a bit left field but I was thinking cheesecake flavour using vegan cream cheese and lemon, but I think that one needs more planning…


Awesome. I love cinnamon in my Huel… need to get some apple sauce and try this.

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