New to Huel: A (hopefully) motivational blog!

Hi all,

Received my first batch of Huel this afternoon, so wanted to share my experiences with you and hear about yours too?

I’m a 24 y/o female, around 96.5kg, 50% body fat, 50% muscle and pretty damn sedentary in my personal life. Currently putting myself through a personal training regime and needed something in the house to stop me ‘convenience’ snacking.

Really impressed with the packaging and aesthetics of everything, plus a free blender, scoop and t-shirt can’t be frowned at (although the L tshirt was considerably more L than i had hoped!)

Have gone for the vanilla powder and i must say it smells great (am yet to try), but will probably be blending it with Alpro coconut water… Has anyone else tried this?

Will be starting with replacing my morning porridge with Huel, having a balanced lunch and then Huel for dinner in the evenings.

Please feel free to post your comments about your experiences, as if all goes well i’d love to make this an ongoing part of my life!

Thanks for reading

Update RE taste!

Not entirely sure how to describe it!? Definitely vanilla, for sure - a chalky, bland porridge/weetabix taste? Chucked in half a banana and a teaspoon of honey and was bearable though, must be one of these things you get used to?
Will try out some different things over the next few days and see what the best taste is - any suggestions??


Welcome to the start of your Huel journey - I’ve tried vanilla with Alpro almond, Alpro coconut and Alpro almond and coconut blend. They all add something different in taste and texture but take Huel to another level. It’s great. Enjoy.

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If you haven’t read this on other threads already, make your Huel in advance and stick it in the fridge for a few hours. Makes a huge difference. I use only water and Huel, and after it’s been in the fridge it tastes good. The flavor packets are really great too, Mocha and Pineapple Coconut are my favorites right now

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Welcome to the Huel forum! With the flavour and texture, try adjusting the amount of water you add, I have mine thicker and it comes out like a vanilla milkshake!

Good luck with your weight loss and keep us updated!

Thank’s for your replies everyone, have taken your advice on board and got to work!
This morning i was far too excited to get my Huel in me, that i stupidly made 2 scoops with water, rendering it unbearable (to my taste buds, which are finely tuned to those of bacon)
Tried adding nesquick; almost good, then added coffee to the same batch, no good at all, chucked it down the sink.
Then made one scoop with coconut water and some ice… OH YES. I have found the formula!
A fantasticly sweet, smooth milkshake!
Thanks everyone!

i have made it with coconut water and water 50/50 and it is nice. still keep it in fridge overnight…makes the world of difference.