Thinking of trying Huel need advice

Hi, I’m thinking of trying out Huel for a couple of months to help manage my weight while recovering from an injury. I’m thinking of using it to replace breakfast and lunch each day and having a meal each night once home from work.

Any advice on flavours etc, I normally use chocolate whey protein when I can change but due to an injury I have limited what I can do for exercise. Most days is walking to and from the train station on crutches.

Also how good is Huel at making you feel full as that’s one thing I’m suffering with party due to boredom at work.

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Hello Antony

As boredom seems to be an issue I would suggest using the original flavour and adding your own extra ingredients to keep things mixed up – for example:

Dry ingredients:

  • Powdered Peanut Butter (PB2) 2 level tbsp is 40 calories and enough in this size drink – normal peanut butter would be 190 calories.
  • Unsweetened Cocoa powder or raw Cacao powder (better) for a chocolate taste - 2 level tbsp is 65 calories

Liquid flavour options could be:

  • Double or triple shot of espresso – zero calories zero fat
  • 250ml of plant milk mixed with 250ml of water:
    • Oat Milk: 240 calories (same as semi skimmed milk)
    • Unsweetened Almond Milk: 90 calories
  • One tablespoon of raw Manuka honey: 60 calories

Frozen fruits – always use half a cup full only (60g)

  • Chopped unripened / green Banana (1) 105 calories
  • Frozen Dark Cherries: 55 calories zero fat
  • Frozen Organic Blueberries: 40 calories zero fat
  • Frozen Organic Strawberries: 25 calories zero fat
  • Frozen Organic Mixed Berries: 35 calories zero fat
  • Pineapple Chunks: 45 calories zero fat

I find a Huel shake very filling but obviously as a liquid it is also absorbed and digested quicker than solid foods would be. Snacking nuts or a piece of fruit inbetween times can help.


Great suggestions, covering all angles!

You should check the recipes section otherwise @Antonyfrn!

Thanks for the advice ill keep that in mind ordered the Vanilla and Chocolate flavours to try out. I have read that Vanilla can be a bit to sweet little worried about that thinking maybe i should have got two bags of chocolate.

If you don’t have a sweet tooth I’d recommend getting a bag of unflavoured/unsweetened to mix with the chocolate or vanilla

On the question about feeling full, I would confirm this is the case - in my experience at least. The Huel recipe emphasises protein for this reason, with well above the recommended daily amount…whereas other ingredients more or less match the recommendations.

In my case, I eat between 12 noon an 8pm, and my break-fast (at noon) is always Huel. It keeps me going until 6pm or so when I usually have solid food and only occasionally more Huel. I’ve had this eating pattern for a couple of years now and I find it effective to keep weight variations at a reasonable level.

How long should two bags last using to replace breakfast and lunch? I’ve worked out 35 portions at 100g at 400cals, leaving me with just under 1000 calories a day.

If you’re taking 1000 calories of Huel instead of 2000 daily, then your one bag is supposed to last 14 days instead of 7 days. I think.

1000 calories is 250 grams of Huel which equals 1750 grams over 7 days which is one bag for the week :+1:

Yep, one bag contains 7000 calories

Right! My bad.