Taste issues

Hi All,

I have just started my Huel jorney this morning. I managed to finish the first bottle. But I did struggle with the taste. It’s the sacarin type taste that’s making it hard for me.

My question is has anyone managed to mask this sacarin taste? It like a really strong old school Diet Coke taste.

My plan is to do 5 days on 1 meal a day and move up to two meals a day.but with this taste issue in not sure I can face my next bottle full.

Any help appreciated.

Thanks .

Add coffee or cinnamon.

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The best advice I can give is to stick with it for a few days… Your taste buds will get used to the sweetener. That said, it is very sweet.

Over time, you can move to a mix of Vanilla and U/U. A 50/50 split between the two works very well. I’m now using two-thirds U/U plus one-third Vanilla, and that’s perfect for me, though I expect most people would prefer 50/50.

EDIT: Further to the above comment from @nykampmp - adding unsweetened flavours does help. Coffee granules, cinnamon, ginger and cocoa are all very good flavours, either individually or mixed in various combinations, and they offset some of the sucralose sweetness :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tip on cocoa and coffee. As I don’t like coffee I added some cocoa this morning and it improved things massively.

Thank you.

I’ll now start to experiment with other flavours. Banana is my favourite fruit so maybe I’ll go there first.

That’s great! :slight_smile:

Just bear in mind, anything you add will have calories (a large banana has around 120 kcal) - so if you’re doing Huel for weight management, take that into account. 5g unsweetened cocoa only adds around 20 kcal.

Try cinnamon powder, if you get the chance. It works really well with vanilla Huel :slight_smile:

Cinnamon powder has been one of my favourite additions, I have it with the plain vanilla, with coffee or cocoa.


How much cinnamon should I add?


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This simple question has single-handedly clarified for me, so much that had previously puzzled me about this community. Paradoxically, it explains a lot.

I just had to say Thanks.


For those using cinnamon powder regularly, if you’re using >1 teaspoon daily, make sure to use the more expensive Ceylon cinnamon, and not the more common Cassia cinnamon.


Far to complex for me to even start to understand this comment?

Thanks to the others who helped.

I had this with my first bottle.

Personally I have just got used to the taste, I make Huel the night before and refrigerate it, not sure it that helps taste wise.

Keep at it.

Why do manufacturers always think they have to make products like this so sweet!

Most people would probably agree that the sweetness of these kinds of products go light years beyond just making them palatable from solely a “taste” standpoint. So there’s gotta be some ulterior motive. In my opinion.

I hope I don’t come across as one of those fancy schmancy armchair nutritionist wannabes. But from my layman’s understanding of some of the literature, my theory is that manufacturers of these powdered food products are banking on the brain’s and the gut’s primal reaction to sweetness — which typically is to make you feel “satiated” [a.k.a., no longer hungry], basically.

Like my Moms always told us when we were kids, “Sweets Spoil Your Appetite”.

That’s why Huel is one of the very few manufacturers that offer an Unflavored & Unsweetened version, so that you can sweeten it to your personal liking or alter its taste on your own.

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Huel also do other flavour pouches. Or I add Matcha green tea to mine. Offsets the sweetness of the vanilla flavour and adds a metabolic boost.

Nice try though.

I’m thinking of trying this, is it the unflavoured you have started with? Flavour is a big factor for me and i’ve been looking at other brands that are similar too.


I have started with the vanilla flavour.

Following a week of breakfast and dinner Monday to Friday, then just breakfast weekends, I have got more used to the flavour.

I had also tried adding all sorts of stuff I like. Strawberries, banana, cocoa powder. All are good and it’s great fun experimenting.

I did try the unsweetened stuff but that was too earthy for me at the moment. I may start to mix them in the future as the vanilla one is very sweet.

Good luck, give it a go.

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Thanks! I got a £5 off voucher at wearesolo.com this morning and am giving their Cafe Latte flavour a try but I may try this one following that if it doesn’t blow my socks off! :joy: