Huel Powder Cinnamon Swirl

I recently bought a few different v3.1 tastes to try (finished Chocolate this morning and I absolutely loved it!) as I only ordered Essential Chocolate (also really lovely), some bars, and Mac and Cheeze on my first order and I was really surprised that I don’t actually like Cinnamon Swirl. I normally love adding cinnamon to anything and everything but it’s just too sweet for me and there’s something about it that I can’t mix it with Chocolate or Banana (also nice, very strong taste though) - I normally tend towards sweet stuff but all 3 options (CS, CS + Chocolate, CS + Bananan) felt way too desserty for my breakfast/lunch shake.

So I’m asking what are your favourite recipes with Cinnamon Swirl and possible suggestions how to make it more palatable?

I will be preparing iced coffee tonight and I’ll try adding a scoop to see how that goes. Otherwise I still have Salted Caramel, Mint Chocolate, Vanilla and both Essential flavours to open, if mixing any of them would work.

I mix it 50/50 with unflavoured to tone down the sweetness but I do that with many others too, and it also seems to mellow out if you refrigerate overnight rather than drinking it fresh.

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hmm, I haven’t tried refridgerating it yet so I’ll try that.
i never really planned to buy u/u but thanks anyway!

its literally my favourite Huel flavour but sometimes I’ll mix it half and half with Original - or even add a ginger shot for a bit of punch.

50 grams Essential vanilla
45 grams BE Cinnamon Swirl
Double shot espresso
In the fridge overnight
I taste all 3 flavors and it is delicious :yum:

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Have you thought about using tea instead of water? There are some blends that need lots of sweetener to actually taste sweet.

that’s exactly what im gonna do for tomorrow, thanks!

Wow, now that’s a fresh idea - thanks, will try it soon! You do use cold tea, right? I remember reading somewhere that you shouldn’t heat huel because it degrades the nutrients or something? Do you have any particular types of tea that you use?

Denaturation typically occurs above 100°C and worsens with increasing exposure to heat (boiling, baking etc) so adding even a hot tea will have minimum impact as domestic kettles don’t heat the total water to 100° and after ‘boiling’ – it immediately starts cooling.

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Thank you for this insight Phil!

We haven’t done any studies to see at which temperature the nutrients degrade for Huel, however providing the water isn’t boiling this should be fine :slightly_smiling_face:

Please let us know how this went and if that helped to curb the sweetness?

It does sound like this could just be a personal preference and in which case I would recommend contacting our customer experience team at to see if there is anything they can do to help.

If you wanted to add some savoury we have quite a few customers who purchase unflavoured/unsweetened powder and add a vegetable stock cube or blend it with vegetables to create a savoury soup. We do also have our Hot & Savoury range.

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Heyyo, checking in. I’ve done it similarly as @Argon18 suggested, only I had white cinnamon swirl as that’s what I have and I didn’t really measure how much brewed coffee I put in (if I had to guess it might have been about 250 ml of semi-strong coffee). Adding coffee DID fix the sweetness issue! I didn’t really taste the vanilla but it was still enjoyable.

I do think it’s just my personal preference so I don’t see how the team could help, but I’ll send an e-mail nonetheless.

Thank you for your input, though, Charlotte. I’ve already enjoyed the free Mac and Cheeze that came with my first order and will try more HS in the future but the issue here was that the other powders (Essential Chocolate, White Chocolate, W Banana and as of yesterday Essential Vanilla) felt less sweet and thus felt more like a snack, porridge than a dessert when I’d consume them for breakfast/lunch.

(edited to add the last 2 paragraphs since my sausage fingers prematurely posted the reply)

i just buy vanilla and save the $$$ cost of fancy flavors, all “tastes” the same when you boof it anyways which I find to be most efficient ROI