7 Huels a day? How many do you have?

I’ve been tapering up my Huel intake and did 100 percent yesterday.

I had 5 white and 2 black which was 2800kcal.

It seems like a lot of Huel so I’m wondering if anyone else has this much a day?

I was hungry throughout the day but did manage a short run in the evening.

If it wasn’t for the lock down and I was still walking about as normal, I don’t think 7 Huels would’ve sustained me.

But the thought of having 9 or 10 Huels a day doesn’t seem that appealing!

Anyone else having loads of Huel a day?

Make your Huels into bigger Huels, then you won’t need so many.

I have three per day, but they’re King Size.

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I consume usually 2 shakes per day each made with 3 heaped old scoops. I may additionally consume a RTD.

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I am having Huel at bfkst 2 scoops Huel black and then cycle to work, after a lunch time swim just replaced traditional huel with tomato and herb hot huel which is great. No snacks, cycle home and eat a normal meal in the evening. If I feel hungry or zapped during the day, may have a one scoop shake of huel. This seems to work for me.

The bars are also really useful as they have loads of the good stuff so fill a gap between meals at only 200 calories and nicely portable.

I especially like the salted caramel and coffee caramel. And the white chocolate one. Oh and orange chocolate. Soddit, they’re all lush. I tend to use them to flesh out a lunch with an extra 200 cal so I won’t be hungry until ready for my evening meal.


On 100% Huel training days I have 15 scoops.

I make 3 x 1 ltr batches with 5 scoops in each.

I find it hard to get the amount one should use right. I am on a full liquid diet, but also consume beverages that contain calories, and I don’t keep track of everything. I tend to have more of the drinks that I like more - which unfortunately is not Huel…although Huel is not exactly a “drink”…

I’d be surprised if 15 of the new-scoops mixed well into a 3L container, or 5 new-scoops into a 1L container.

Scoops as a measurement are not an ideal way of presenting information to others - is it old scoops or new scoops? Are the scoops heaping/level/underfilled? Powder is compressed or loose?

That’s why grams or calories are preferred.

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Totally fair :slight_smile:

I still use the original scoops, so average 40g per scoop, or 200g (800cal) per Litre.