Not sure what amount people are using for 100%

I’ve moved from 9-12 scoops a day to 5 at breakfast and I had 5 more at around midday, got another 5 in my bag for dinner during work tonight. I said before that I had a big appetite and the 5 scoops ar breakfast definitely satiated me properly.

What a everyone else doing?

I’m eating Huel for 100% now. :slight_smile:
I started half a year ago and now last three weeks I sticked on Huel only!
It gives me all energy I need and also no health problems.
The last three weeks I’m eating only 4-5 scoops a day. It’s only because I want to reduce my weight to reach some goals…

@slovakiahiking Only 4-5 scoops per day?! :astonished: If that was me, I’d be falling over due to a lack of energy. A typical 100% day for me is 16 scoops. But I usually have 12 scoops then an evening meal.

Height: just shy of 6 foot.
Weight: just over 11 stone.
Age: 37 (yeah, I know I look a lot younger)

I’m not 100% fuel, but when I have 100% fuel days I can survive happily on 100g x 4 meals (around 12 scoops). Most days I do 100g x 2 and an evening meal.
I am an old boy though.

Anywhere between 15 and 20 scoops daily, depending on my activity levels. I’m 5’4, 62kg but exercise a lot.

I’m 5’10", 68kg, and female. I don’t have a ton left to lose (I’m already safely in the healthy weight range) but I am trying to tone up and loose the last 2kg of pudge.

I have 8-10 scoops a day depending on how hungry I am. I’ve found that on my really sore days after CrossFit I’m more likely to have 10 than 8.

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Hey! I’m encouraged. I’m 5.10 and female too. I’m 13.9 (down from 14.4) and have been thinking of going 100% Huel.

I’m just coming up on 45 though - my metabolism has slowed down as I’ve got older. Huel seems to be giving me more energy, which is a good thing.

I’ve been on 3 scoops twice a day, Looking into replacing the third meal and seeing how it goes from there.