Finding the Correct Amount to Not Feel Hungry

Today I had two bottles of Huel, each 4.5 scoops in it. I drank the first bottle at about 7am. Then at about 9:15am I went for a bike ride, returning about 12:00. During the last hour I felt quite hungry and low energy, but I made it home.

I realised that I probably should have consumed another half a bottle before going on the bike ride, as this would have kept me going for longer. Anyway, when I got back I ate a few cherries that were in the kitchen, then drank about 2/3 of my 2nd bottle of Huel. Then I had the remainder of that bottle later in the afternoon.

But I still felt a bit hungry later on, and ate some other food as snacks. Then later again I even had another small glass of Huel made with 1 scoop.

So it got me thinking about calories and spacing it out throughout the day. According to the calorie calculator, I need 2361 calories per day. Divide that by 3, and that’s 5 and a bit scoops per bottle.

So if I make it with 5 and a bit scoops per bottle, then drink 2/3 for breakfast, 1/3 for a mid morning snack snack, 2/3 for lunch, 1/3 for a mid afternoon snack, do you think that would work out well for the day? But maybe I also need extra if I do something like a bike ride?

I just feel like I got the calories a bit low and got my timings a bit wrong today…

Interesting point I haven’t seen raised on here too much. I suppose if you’re not using Huel as a novelty and really make it a big part of your life you’ve got to find the correct balance.

Have you considered how many calories you were consuming prior to Huel? Obviously metabolism, build, weight, activity levels etc need to be taken into consideration when figuring out your caloric maintenance level. Obviously I can’t speak on you physically, but a 2 3/4 hour bike ride will burn off a calorie or two that’s for sure!

I’d suggest investing in scales and weighing out the product rather than working by scoops, you may be able to figure things out a bit more accurately that way. Suppose we all just have to play about with it until we can figure out what our body needs on certain days!


I’m not sure how many calories I’ve been eating when having solid food. However, a while back I was using my own meal drink recipe (made using the DIY Soylent website), and I think 2/3 of about 2300-2400 per day was working out well for my breakfast and lunch intake as meal drink. But I used to find that I did better if I spread it out more rather than had it in two large amounts.

I do actually have digital scales left over from when I was making my own recipe a while back. I just thought using the scoop was quicker. But maybe it would be better to use the scales. So according to the website, it would be 195g per bottle. Does that sound right, or have I got that wrong?

I’m getting a little bit lost here. So today you’ve had nine scoops of Huel?

It depends how heaped your scoops are, but if we can presume a scoop is roughly 30g (I believe, could be miles off there), then you’ve consumed 270 grams of Huel, whereas on the back of the pack it suggests four servings of 124g shakes, or 496g.

I have yet to start Huel so i may be speaking somewhat out of turn, again I suppose it comes down to how big your scoops are. If you have digital scales I’d suggest maybe weighing out your 9 scoops you consumed today and seeing how much it is compared to the recommended 496g/2000 calories on the back of the packet!

I guess it depends on various factors: weight, type of ride, body reserves etc.

For example, this ride was made with 600 calories (4 scoops) plus 2 scoops of Whey Protein eaten 2 hours before the ride, plus two bars (140 kcal each) during it, and I didn’t feel hungry or had slump in performances in the ride. At the link you have all the values: speed, altitude change, calorie consumption, heart rate etc.

Felt hungry again today and needed to eat other food in addition to Huel. I think I’m starting to realise that maybe my normal calorie intake is higher than I thought. Perhaps I have a high metabolism. Or perhaps I have been underestimating my physical activity level.

Anyway, I will recalculate and continue to experiment, then report back. I think if I can get this right, Huel will be great for me. I like the concept, the taste, and I feel great for a while after drinking it.

By the way, ElMerlo, that is an impressive bike ride. You are clearly a far more serious and accomplished cyclist than me. I wouldn’t get anywhere close to that distance in that time while riding my cheap Halfords mountain bike with chunky tires, dodgy gears and suspension that died long ago. Still, I enjoy what I do, and I’m sure it’s good for me.

But definitely well done to you!

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Hey Marcus, in cycling all is relative! And depends on many, many factors. You cited some: equipment, dedication, weight, etc.etc.

Mine was only an example to show that, given the proper balance, 600 cal of Huel are enough to sustain that. But I’m in top shape, having done 6000 kms this year and using Huel in a body already used to low calories amount.

This winter I had to shed wieght and for some weeks I ate 1000 to 1500 calories a day. That was hard, but after a while I got used to that.

Of course, if your approach comes from a different angle (different body weight, different eating habits etc.) you can not replicate that straightaway, but my opinion is that you can get there little by little.

My two cents, of course… :wink:

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@Mattioso thank for the comment, you are stop on.

@Mattioso a scoop of Huel leveled with a knive is approx 38g which is 153 cals.

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@ElMerlo excellent info, thank you.

There is another factor to consider, and that is glycogen stores. Your body stores up to about 400g of glycogen in your muscles and liver. 400g is about 2000 cals. So if you stores are full, you can in theory do a long bike ride without extra consumption of food or drink. Whereas if you stores are empty you will feel drained really quickly.

@Marcus you are doing absolutely the right things. You are experimenting and seeing how your body reacts and then adjusting your consumption, perfect way the do things.

The calorie calculators just provide estimates/starting points.

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