Storage Huel in a hot car?

I’m used to leaving some Huel Black and instant meals in the back of my van for opportunistic usage. Now summer is coming it’s going to be warming up in there and over the weeks I guess that adds up. Don’t find any storage temperature information on the bags and it is just “dried stuff” but thought I should check. Any problems to look out for?

Really depends on how hot it is - where your vehicle is parked etc - I guess vans with backs with no windows are a little better but I posted this on ambient foods in cars a few years ago.

For a bit of extra piece of mind – you could keep the bags in one of those cheap polystyrene cool boxes for a bit of extra insulation. Not very enviro friendly I know – but effective.

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Thanks. That’s super relevant. It’s so useful having Huel with you wherever you go (and without planning): I guess I’ll be looking for a cheap coolbox!

I’ve have a cool bag with a couple of ice blocks in, I keep mine in there.

This. Cool bag with some ice blocks. If you put the cool bag in a black rucksack it will stay even cooler for longer

Definitely just parroting others on this thread, but I think a cool box, cool packs or some other form of insulation to keep the heat out is the safest option here. Let’s just hope we actually have a warm enough summer for this to be relevant!! :sunglasses:

I went to a customers site once with a colleague who left a half drank shaker of U/U in the car on a red hot summers day for 4+ hours. When we got back to the car he drank it like it was nothing :nauseated_face:

Thse Huel hammocks are feeling neglected

That’s hilarious.
I bet he needed a pneumatic drill to clean his shaker out after