How long stored in shaker?

How long would huel last dry, stored in just a shaker?

I found myself in a situation where having some stored in the boot of my car would’ve been great haha…

As long as it’s not in direct sunlight, I don’t see a difference between that and storing it in a plastic container in a kitchen cupboard.

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So 6 months technically, Even if in a car boot?

It’s also worth noting not the best boot either, 23y/o MX5 mk1.

If you wanted to be sure would have to measure the humidity of your car boot overnight when it’s raining to see how damp it got. 6 months when opened refers to a dry place. Also during winter the boot temperature will be very cold and sometimes below freezing.

May I ask the obvious?

I guess if I stuck the shaker in a box or something, might help? :man_shrugging:

The obvious… Errm well, long story short, I nipped out the other night and 30 minutes turned into 8 hours followed by a 2 am drive home… Huel in the car would’ve been a god send to say the least haha!

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I carry water, shaker bottle and 2 servings of huel in pouches with me when I go to work (normal as I have huel for lunch) OR if I’m out in the car … so if we are longer than expected OR delayed … I don’t have to worry about food

BUT don’t forget to wash the shaker out when you get home … I once forgot and left it in the car… Days later I ended up regretting it !

Yes I’ve been here too. Up to about 24 hours it cleans quite easily, I left one for a week once, it was grim and smelt awful. Took some serious effort to clean.

Store in a cool dry dark place; Huel dies in hot cars.

Even if left dry/powdered?

Even if powder, should still be left in a cool dry dark place. Treat it like you would a Goth.


Cool dark place is true … but in cars we all have those dark places we rarely venture … gloveboxes and cubby holes etc etc

That’s where all your drugs are stashed lol

It’s not 100g coke officer, it’s unflavoured Huel.

Don’t, could you imagine?! :joy::joy:

I drive to and from Skegness quite a bit and we all know that’s like the Coke capital of Lincolnshire…

Is it nicknamed skagness?

Something like that… :joy:

Slagness, skegvagas, you name it!

One of my mates even calls it home for some odd reason… :man_shrugging:

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Don’t think I will be adding it to my bucket list.

Does your bucket come with a spade and a sandcastle? If so Skegs perfect :wink:

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I hear there’s some skegness monsters on the beach.

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Hey steady on, I am sure there’s some good looking women there as well :sunglasses::sunglasses: