Hey Everyone,

I’m on week 1 of Huel as a newbie. I’m struggling slightly with the flavour on its own,its not bad but i don’t find myself enjoying it so keen to start blending.

My only struggle is I don’t work in one place and often on the move and therefore having a blender in work is not possible.

If I were to prepare the night before and store in the fridge overnight, would this survive until lunch in my bag ok? - What is everyone else experience here?

Thanks in advance.

yes absolutely - in the refrigerator you should be good for up to 24 hours. powdered flavours you might add will mellow out over time - sometimes for the better.

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I use a rechargable hand blender which works very well so long as I have a surface to work on and a place to wash up.

I’d get a flask. Fridge it overnight, pour it into an insulated flask before you go to work.Get a flask with a big removable lid so you can easily clean it, and don’t get one with a push button for drinking because those don’t work well with thick liquids like Huel (and they’re a nightmare to clean).

It will be alright in the shaker but by lunchtime it’ll be warm and I don’t like it warm.

I don’t know how long it stays good at room temperature, but if you have to delay lunch for any reason things might turn ugly. It’ll keep at least 12 hours in an insulated flask.

It’ll keep way longer than that, though the nutrients might not be in tip-top condition anymore. I’ve had Huel that’s been refrigerated for 48 hours and it was fine.

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My job is often on the go, and sometimes I don’t get to enjoy fresh out of the fridge Huel. I refrigerate two prepared Huels overnight, drink one for breakfast, another one after 4-5h for lunch. After few hours in my backpack it’s just as tasty as a cooled huel. I need to mention I still have to test it during the summer time, as it could be a whole different story when the temperatures hit 30 degrees.

I refrigerate Huel overnight in a blender cup. In the morning (circa 7am) I transfer it to a large Chillys/Sho insulated bottle and it is still really cold at 1-2pm, even in a warm office.

Thanks for the advice everyone.

I ended up buying a blender and mixing Banana and Cinnamon with Vanilla Black Huel last night and leaving it in the fridge overnight. Much much nicer today!!

I thought about that when I decided to switch lunches to Huel as well as breakfast - here it never gets colder than high twenties in the winter and high 30’s/mid 40’s like now in the summer. So’ I invested in a cheap mini bar fridge for under my desk which raises the odd eyebrow but works a treat :slight_smile:

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