Pre made Huel

Hi, I see a lot of people are making up Huel and then putting it in the fridge.
I tried this yesterday (couldn’t finish my Huel) and it tasted nice.

I’ve read some people say with protein powders not to make them up and drink later as it looses it’s nutritional value the longer you keep it. Does anybody know if this is something true and more importantly if that applies to Huel?

Does it matter if you put in the the fridge or not?

Could I mix up my Huel, take it to work (no fridge) and drink it or am I better off making it in the office?

A little loss in micronutirents is ok sometimes but on the whole I’d rather get the full benefits if I’m going down this road


How long before making it and using it in the office? I prefer it cold rather than room temperature.

About 5-6 hours between prep and drinking

You can make Huel up several hours in advance; keep it in the cool and out of sunlight, though.

Thanks James, so keeping it in the bag works :slight_smile:

I have 99% of huel meals cold and have chilled a few overnight. They can get much thicker than usual, so I like to leave space to top them up with cold water in the morning, and give it a good shake. Also be careful not to freeze it, that can be a real pain if you’re hungry and have no spare bottle!

I also use chill huel with protein. Don’t worry about it, it’s fine! We’ve been chilling protein for centuries!