Making huel in advance

Can I make Huel in the morning and take to work for lunch to eat pre-blended?
I blend it rather than shaking and it’s almost creamy!

yes you can :slight_smile: I have started making mine the night before for breakfast and lunch, just give it a quick shake when you’re ready.


I always make mine the night before, to let it really soak. It helps in avoiding lumps since I don’t use a mixer. At times I’ve skipped the one I brought for lunch and saved it to the next day, so something like 36 hours in the fridge (and maybe six of those hours in my bag, actually), no problems.

I think it tastes better when left overnight in the fridge


I think the texture is much better if they’re made at least 2 hours before eating, especially if you’re not blending them.

I make 3 or 4 the night before. I’ll put all but the breakfast one in the fridge overnight and then take them to work with me.

In my experience they’ll keep up to 24ish hours at room temp but longer in the fridge.

I use my nutribullet (other devices are available) and store 2 in the fridge for next day.

No problem with taste or texture.

Have ordered extra nutribullet cups with lids to make up full next day worth.

So how many day’s would it be still good in the fridge?
Would like to know if i can do meal preparation for the whole week. With the note that i only use it for breakfast replacement.

I know if i leave the remaining in the car on a hot day you can throw your shaker away :wink:

I usually consume within 24 hours as advised but was nearly 48 hours the other day for the missus and it seemed fine, it would be nice to know how long it can be stored cool once made before anything starts going off or losing its properties.
It doesn’t take long to prepare but I prepare 4 at a time and takes about 10 minutes.

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Yes it would be good to have a best before time. For meal prepping