Expiration "Date"

Hey guys, so i’ve been on huel almost a month but I’m wondering if I can make like 3 ou 4 shakes at a time and save them for later that day in the fridge.
My idea is to make them in the morning and drink them during the day. I know you can’t do that with protein but with huel the “best” option (in my oppinion so far) is to drink it 30 minutes later.

So, long story short, how much is the “expiration date” in the fridge for huel after making it?

Huel quotes 24 hours in the fridge and 2-3 hours out of the fridge.

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Personally I think it’s nicer after a few hours in the fridge.
I regularly make up 2 or 3 shakes and drink them over 24hrs.
The longest I will leave them is 36hrs refrigerated. Any longer than that and they start to taste a bit off.
After 24hrs they are absolutely fine and still taste fresh.

Out of the fridge, definitely no more than 4 hours.
I have a small cool bag plus ice packs which acts like a portable fridge if I need to travel.
I’ve kept my shakes in the mini cool bag for a good 10 hours and they are still :ok_hand:t2: perfect


Thank you all guys!
My first idea was somewhere between 12-16h in the fridge but 24 is awesome!


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Many people including myself prefer the texture of the shake when you do this as the powder is fully absorbed by the liquid (this also means the drink texture becomes slightly thicker just so you’re aware). One thing I have noticed with this though is that if you also add extra ingredients such as frozen fruits – the taste and colour of these will degrade after a few hours – not in a bad way, just blander.


So far I’m just taking it pure. I’m a bit lazy to make it with some food to be honest xD (that’s why I started the topic, to make all the shakes for the day hehehe)
At this point, I’ll just enjoy the pleasure of the laziness which Huel provides before I get “sick” of the pure flavours xD

I usually make my batch for the day around 6-8PM the night before and put in the fridge. The breakfast one is around 6.30-7 am straight out the fridge then my work one comes out the fridge into my carrier bag and I have it gradually between 12 and 2 PM so it’s in my bag for up to 7 hours and is fine. My evening one around 6-7 PM straight out the fridge after 24 Hours is ok or if I occasionally miss that one ( as I might have been naughty and had a pizza :grinning:) I have that one for breakfast so it’s been in the fridge for around another 12 hours, and it’s tasted fine after around 36 hours in the fridge. Actually just had a Chocolate Huel now which has been in the fridge for 37 hours and it tastes good.
On a couple of occasions when I hadn’t finished my Huel at work and tried to finish it at home after about 10 hours out the fridge and have had to spit it out as it was foul.

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I always make the day before (16 hours) and usually carry it out of the fridge for an hour in my work bag and is fine.
Also refridgerated I’ve found it’s fine for 2-3 days once made up.