Huel Protein - 30 minutes limit

Big fan of Huel, particularly Huel Protein, the three types I’ve had are delicious, especially chocolate fudge brownie. Keep up the great work!

Just realised it says you’re supposed to consume Huel Protein within 30 minutes of mixing with water. Is that completely accurate, a lot of the time I haven’t been having it that fast. I sometimes prefer to have small amounts at a time, and like to put it in the fridge so it’s nice and cold. Does the fridge prolong how long before you have to finish it?

Other Huels you get 24 hours right, 30 mins is a bit of a shame?

Hey @asdfgh, it’s not to do with the nutritional value or the safety of having your Complete Protein, so if you’ve been having it after 30 mins and still enjoy it, no worries.

However, we think that the taste of it gets worse after about 30 minutes, probably due to the amount of BCAAs in it. But if you don’t mind, then carry on!

That’s great news thank you! How long would you say before you wouldn’t be sure of the nutritional value? And presumably keeping it in the fridge should help?

Honestly, you’re not going to reach that point. It’s going to be inedible before the nutritional value is significantly affected.

You underestimate what people would find inedible.


Huel complete protein V2.0 - probiotics have been removed, so doesn’t that mean it can be stored the same way as the regular powders now? I.e. 24 hours?