Confusion in Huel complet protein consumption

I am little confused as I see 2 types of details at different places on timings of consumption of huel complet protein after preparing it.

On packaging it says it needed to be consumed within 30 minutes of the mixing with the water.

While on website of huel under FAQ below the product details it says,
Once prepared, Huel can be kept for 24 hours in the fridge. To save time at breakfast, why not prepare it the night before? Plus, it’s better cold!

Which one is correct ans should be followed?


Hi – the Once mixed with water, Huel Complete Protein should be consumed within 30 minutes refers to the Complete Protein. The core powders (v.3 and BE) can be kept refrigerated for upto 24 hours and many people leave them refrigerated overnight to improve the texture.

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@Phil_C is right 30mins for Complete Protein and 24hrs for our powder meals.

But if this Q&A is displayed incorrectly on our website, can you please send an email to with a screenshot of this so we can pass it over to our e-commerce team!

Thank you @Phil_C and @Charlotte_Huel for clarification.

I use the EU website, where its mentioned same for the powders and the complete protein. I will send an email to the team with the required data.

Also worth noting that the complete protein powders can be had much longer after 30 minutes, it’s just a recommendation on taste, rather than safety or nutrition.

I often make one in the morning and then have it at the end of the day. I didn’t even notice a taste issue until it was pointed out on the forum.


I thought it might be related to the content inside it rather than the taste. But I did not tried it yet keeping it longer than 30 minutes.