Keep Huel in my rucksack 🎒?

Quick question for you… can I make a huel in the morning and keep it in the bottle to have at lunch time?

It would be in my rucksack for about 5 hours.

Would it store that long in my bag? Does anybody else do this?

The only reason I ask is because I want to blend it to remove the lumps, rather than shake it at lunch, but I have no fridge to store it in.

Cheers all

Depends on the temperature…if it is a warm day or kept in a warm place it can be quite horrible (in my opinion) after a few hours…although I use 50/50 water and plant based milk…may be different with water alone. If a coolish place I reckon it will be OK…altough my personal preference is drinking Huel chilled.

Id do this quite regularly. If I’m going to be out for an activity, I’ll make up my huel in the morning and keep it in the fridge. the I’ll keep it in my rucksack for 4+ hours before consuming it on the tube on the way home. Tastes quite fine to me.
For you, making it the night before would work

Yes, for sure you can. I always keep my Huel in my backpack and drink it at university during my lunch break. It does fine

If it’s going to get warm in that time you could either start with chilled huel - water in fridge, ice cubes, make up huel night before and leave it in fridge etc

Or you could get a vacuum bottle and keep in at the same Temp that way.

Or you could combine those 2.

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Indeed. Although I don’t mind room temperature Huel

Thanks very much all - looks like it is a resounding yes then.

I’m going to try it today.

Thanks! :grinning:

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My pref is room temp. Cold is more hassle, too thick and tastes no better

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Update - So, turns out, keeping huel in my bag for 5-6 hours is absolutely fine.

Actually, it tastes nicer because its warmer at room temperature.


I blend mine the night before & pour it into two wide short thermos flasks to take to work in my bag. Lasts 8 hours without going funky.

Depends on whether you blend it with milk or water. My suggestion, mix it up in the morning and store it in a thermos type insulated flask.