Who's had the oldest Huel?

Time for a competition.

I made the usual 3 scoop Huel shake for lunch last Thursday morning before work. Got busy, had to get a train early and left it in the fridge. Went away for the weekend, back to work on Monday and had it for lunch then. Lovely.

Anyone else?

Nope, I’ve had it after 2 nights in the fridge…(the Huel not me).


Left one in the car last summer for a day or so. Thought it’d be ok, oh boy it wasn’t.

I’ve left it in a hot car for a few hours…and ugh.

Yep, you only make that mistake once though eh!

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So fridge seems to be fine. Car not so much.

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Got it, store Huel in stomach, not car…


I had some a few days old, had been stored in fridge. Then took a big gulp as I was driving along, it was foul, almost vinegary

I think temperature is important. There’s a kind of sourness that starts to make itself known after a day and a half or so. Definitely happens faster in heat - shaker bottle will make a pop sound when you open it and, eurgh.

Happens with every 'lent I’ve tried, fresh (or cooled overnight) is always beat.

Huel and chips could rival curry and chips…maybe even better if you use @TimOfficeHuel curried Huel recipe.