Why do you leave it overnight!?

So I’ve just started on Huel and after reading the forum I thought it would be best to prepare the night before and leave my shakes in the fridge overnight. I could smell chlorine like scent and the aftertaste was of the same. I changed to bottled water yet it continued.

Saturday I just made up my shake and drank it there and then and WOW, it tastes glorious and no Chlorine smell!

Unfortunaly I have to work through lunch (well kind of, I still find time for the forum) so I had a lovely fresh shake for breakfast but my lunch shake smells and tastes bad again even though only left for a few hours.

For me, having it freshly mixed is the only way, so my lunch time one’s I’ll now just bring the powder and add water at the time. I’ll take the lumps :slight_smile:

I leave it in the fridge overnight and before each meal (100% hueller) and I don’t have any such problems. Have you checked to see if there is anything in your fridge that could be causing the taste to change? If you have a fridge at work you could try putting the bottle in there and seeing if you get the same result.

Alternatively it might be the way the bottle itself reacts when cooled? You shouldn’t have any problems with the default shaker but maybe if you are trying a different one?

Good luck finding out what’s causing it.


I use both the Huel shaker and my own protein shakers. The smells occurs even when left on the side and not in the fridge. Almost like it something in the mix that gets stronger the longer its sealed.

Maybe just a dodgy bag but fresh mixed is lovely so I’ll continue with that for now.

I have one more week before I start 100% huel. I planned to go straight into 100% but lifestyle meant I couldn’t commit for this week or this week coming.

That’s odd I’ve got one of those Breville blenders with the bottle and make overnight huel most days, tastes awesome every time.

Is it something on your fridge, like a strong odour mixing with it to create an odd chlorine like smell?

I don’t think so, because the lunchtime shake today I made this morning wasn’t put in any fridge and had the odour in it. Sounds like I’m just unfortunate with this. It does seem that it could be this batch so we’ll find out when this bag runs out

It isn’t based on anything specific but I wouldn’t want any mixed drink sitting around outside a fridge. Just seems like a chance for something to ‘go off’. I’d rather take a shaker with dry powder and mix when needed.

OH MY GOSH at last! I’ve ALWAYS wondered this. Everyone insists it’s better when left in the fridge but I simply disagree entirely!

Yes it’s nice when smooth and chilled, but the taste of something in there gets so strong and almost bitter I can’t stand it. It’s like eating grass with that developed taste in it!

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To be fair I aways add cocoa and cinnamon to mine to maybe that’s why I don’t notice it haha, I wonder if the grassy taste is something to do with the pea protein maybe?

The reason I say this is I use pea protein on its own and its does definitely have an odd taste, not bad but just odd.

A longer time spent mixed with water reduces the levels of phytic acid (anti-nutrient) in the oats and thus improves digestibility.

Exactly the reason I first started doing this! Besides the fact I can stand a spoon in it…

Now that you mention it, I think that’s exactly what it is. I’m sure an official Hueler will be in to correct us soon if not!

It’s not an unmanageable taste, just not pleasant as such.

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I’ve never noticed that smell!

I leave it overnight as it tastes nicer when its thicker. Possibly doesn’t give me as much wind either.

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I have it both refrigerated and non-refrigerated and I have never come across this. I used to use the plastic HUEL shaker to take to work but after a case of it popping open in my bag now I only use a steel, hikers water bottle with a screw on lid - HUEL actually sell one of their own. I always mix mine up with cinnamon and honey and then either also with cocoa OR spinach, blueberries, banana and apple.