Spoilage timeframes

How long does Huel stay good in a stainless steel insulated water bottle if prepared with cold tap water?

Possible factors that could influence the duration it stays good:

  • Amount of layers the insulated water bottle consists of e.g. single, double, triple…

  • Temperature of water/liquid being used

  • Perhaps ambient temperature

Huel in fridge: 24 hours
Huel outside of fridge: 4-5 hours?

Thanks for the answers in advance

Insulated bottles all have different performance levels and usually the manufacturer will say what time frame it can maintain the temperature of the contents. You can pre-cool the flask with ice or by leaving it open in the refrigerator – this will extend the temperature control a little but ultimately it wall all depend on the temp of the shake you put in it.

Honestly – I’ve never left a shake out at ambient temps so don’t know how long it would last before souring.

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I always prep huel the night before to drink as soon as I wake up before hitting the gym.
I then get my shakes ready a few minutes before consuming them, always filling with ice to make the thicker and colder.
I would suggest you to follow the bottle manufacturer guidelines: if the bottle states it can hold cold beverage for X hours, X hours it is, as it would be basically the same as keeping it refrigerated. A bit of time outside won’t hurt, but I wouldn’t go above 1h out of the fridge if not with ice in it!

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I watched someone leave a made up U/U in a van on a red hot day for at least 6 hours in the plastic shaker and still drank it. Made me gag watching but didn’t do him any harm.

What about the bacteria that Huel adds to the powder? Don’t they get activated by supplying water and start replicating?

I always eat Huel right after making it.

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Watching you gag would do me a lot of harm.

(I would add even more hilarious material to this post but Tim would just get annoyed when he surfaces from his hammock).

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When has that ever stopped you.

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Ooo I don’t know @Interpolo. Feels like an experiment worth doing! Let’s say your flask keeps cool for 24 hours (Chilly’s guideline) then I would say that is the time limit, as presume it is almost as cold as a fridge.

It’s actually a crocodile lilo called Clive thanks very much :crocodile:


I was wondering about this sort of thing. Specifically if there’s a nutritional (bioavailability?) difference between say 8-hour refrigerated overnight Huel and instant Huel. Has this ever been tested?

Overnight Huel is a real treat to drink, but I’d give it up for instant if the nutrients were affected. Maybe it’s a dumb question. Probably. :grin:


Well – any foods nutritional value will degrade when prepared and stored in a refrigerator but how much, seems to depend on way too many variables and I guess would require some pretty extensive testing to see. Best I can tell from googling research on similar products is that for products like Huel, 72 hours is the tipping point where they have lost their nutritional benefit, so overnight I guess is fine. I looked at some graphs on the degradation of vitamins when dissolved in water and they were showing a 30-40% loss after 8 hours but it didn’t say in what conditions those were done so don’t take that as being accurate :blush:

Thanks Phil, that sounds a bit worrying. Is it possible that a Huel shake might lose 30-40% of some vitamins after 8 hours?! Presumably less if refrigerated, but still… :flushed:

Perhaps Huel has done testing on this? It would be reassuring to know.

No, it just means that in a test, some vitamins dissolved in water and kept in an undetermined environment for 8 hours, degraded by about a third. Any prepared food left in a refrigerator will degrade - at different rates – so it’s safe to assume Huel is no different in that respect. It doesn’t mean anything’s wrong with it – that’s just what food does. It’s doubtful any brand owner would do extensive testing on what these nutritional effects are because there are a lot of variables at play and so there wouldn’t be a definitive one size fits all (accurate) answer.

Yes, any test could only be a signpost based on specific conditions and with caveats, but would be interesting nonetheless. Anyway, better safe than sorry, I’m going to give up the overnighting. .

Hi all

We’ve not done any specific testing on Huel made up and stored for several hours. However, if it’s mixed and the shaker is sealed tight straight after, there would be minimal degradation. The vitamins more vulnerable are vitamin A, C and folate, but through experience, even these losses were minimal. By experience, I refer to the work we’ve done on Hot & Savoury mixed with hot water - I was pleasantly surprised how little was lost, and that’s with hot water.


Thanks James that’s good to know. I do love the way Huel develops after a night in the fridge, getting smoother and thickening up. It seems more satisfying that way, takes a bit more drinking. :yum:


I had wondered a similar thing in that how long could you keep a made up bottle of Huel? I sometimes make up breakfast and lunch in advance and store in the fridge to grab the next day. How long can you keep a made up shake before it would go “bad”?

I would assume 3 days like most foods in the fridge before it actually goes bad.
Nutritional depreciation is not known to me but Huel recommends to consume within 24 hours I think so I would stick to that if nutritional properties are important to the individual

Good call. Thank you

I was thinking about how much we (Hueligans) care about the amount of nutrients that are in food, whether the balance of minerals is right and - as in this post - how long the vitamins for example “survive” the overnight stay in the fridge. And I do myself, so I’m not saying that mockingly. … but then I also think about the alternative: the fruits and veggies sometimes staying for too long in my fridge (and I don’t know for sure how long it’s even has been since they have been harvested). And what about the food we get in a restaurant? In comparison to food we get in a shop we at least know the amount of nutrients that’s in a Huel meal.
For those who are interested in the topic of nutrients here’s imo a good article about the loss of nutrients in food over the last years and how modern food can regain them:

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Some really good thoughts there Kassandra!

It’s why I’m such a big advocate of frozen fruit and vegetables. Frozen peas are frozen hours after harvest so you’re massively slowing down the degradation process. Some high-end restaurants use frozen peas over fresh for this reason too.