How long does Huel keep once made?

Hi all,

I made up a batch yesterday and left it in the fridge overnight, it then sat on the side all day as I forgot to take it to work and I’ve since stuck it back in the fridge.

Do you think it will be ok to consume tomorrow?

There’s nothing nasty in it so I imagine it should be fine?

Thanks… sorry if this has been asked before!

It should keep 24 hours refrigerated .
Should …

I’d still eat it if it has been kept out of the sun and in a relatively cool place…it will have lost some nutritional value. However iff it has been left in direct sun it will probably taste rank…

Had a little taste, seems ok. Mixed it with cocao super greens so that might be taking the edge off!

Cant think of any nasty ingredients that could cause problems if left out of the fridge…

Should be OK really…

Considering that even something like milk lasts several days in the fridge I wouldn’t expect Huel to actually go off to a harmful point that quickly. I think in another thread the verdict was that the longer you leave it the nutrients might break down but I don’t think there was any mention of at what point it might actually make you ill. I’ve had it 36 hours after mixing (kept in the fridge) a few times and never had any problems.

I’ve had it 48 hours later (unflavoured), before they added gum. It was OK

It was fine!

Official answer from FAQs:

What is the shelf life of Huel?

  • Unopened - Huel can be stored for up to a year in a dry, cool environment, away from direct sunlight, e.g. a kitchen cupboard. There is best before date printed on the pouch.
  • Pouch open - once open we quote 6 months. Plus reseal the pouch and store in dry, cool environment, away from direct sunlight, e.g. a kitchen cupboard.
  • Once mixed with water, it should be consumed within a few hours, or if refrigerated, 24 hours.

Did a little experiment at the weekend. 105 grams of unflavoured made on Friday night. Opened on Monday morning (so about 2.5 days). Had to add another 300 ml of water to it due to the thickness and give it one hell of a shake but it tastes exactly the same as it does the morning after… This is partly due to the fact that now there is gum in the formula it has pretty much removed any taste from the Huel. What used to be a slightly nutty, oaty sweet taste is now completely lost. Chewing the little seeds gives some relief

I’ve made the mistake of mixing up a 114g + 500ml mix of huel for lunch and then getting something at work instead. I tried to drink it the next day and it was foul! It had sat on my desk the whole time.

Always fresh for me now!

Left unrefrigerated for a few hours in a warm place and it can be disgusting. I normally refrigerate overnight…as many people do.

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36hrs in fridge it seperates but tastes exactly the same… Just a big shake with water and all is fine… Nutritionally maybe not as good but taste is fine

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I find it too gritty just made, takes about two hours for the seeds to soften a bit - has to be in a fridge

I made a batch on Saturday night to take to work on Sunday. I took it to work and it wasn’t refrigerated there, but it was in a cool place. I didn’t drink it, as I ended up eating fruit instead. I bought it back home, and put it back in the refrigerator, I finally drank it Monday morning first thing. It tasted fine. I would point out that I always make mine with just added water, never milk.