Huel Thermal Bag

I like to cool my Huel in the fridge over night, then take it into work the next day… the problem is, summer is on the way, and Huel isn’t going to stay so cool until arond 12 or 1pm.

It would be good if you could sell a Huel Thermal Bag, which fits the Huel shaker perfectly and zips up tightly, keeping it at the temperature it is at.

I stick my Huel in the fridge overnight, and by 12:30 (if I leave it in my backpack) it is still cold.

What about leaving your Huel in the fridge but also just before you leave for work drop a couple of ice cubes in there as well?

Probably a bit unnecessary when you can pick thermal bags up for about £5 and there are also flasks as well?

I’d prefer something that fits to the size of the Huel shaker, so that I’m not carrying an over-sized bag. Currently using a plastic bag to carry it in, which just seems overkill. A bag, that’s thermal protective and the size of Huel shaker, would be perfect.

Yesterday I was in a hurry to go out for a race, so I just dumped three scoops of Huel into the shaker and put the cap on, no water. Then on the way back I stopped off at Tesco and bought a 750ml bottle of water.

Squirt 2/3 of water into Huel shaker, shake it, drink it for a bit, add rest of water, shake, drink the rest.

I must say that the squirty top on the 750ml bottle actually dislodged the bits of powder from the shaker so I didn’t need to worry about bringing a fork with me.

So you can prepare your fuel as just powder and stick a bottle of water in the fridge at work or wherever, or just leave the water out, and not worry about it spoiling it by having it sitting out all day or until lunchtime. Just add water :slight_smile:


I found my cool bag at Wyevale in a sale, at £2.70 in pink or turquoise, as you can see fits 2 Huel bottles (at a squeeze) Velcro doesn’t quite shut tight but close enough for me…