Huel for lunch at work

What do people do here?Mix it the night before, leaving it in the fridge and then using a thermos flask for lunch at work. The other option is to mix it on the fly?

Few ice cubes in it, then in a flask.

I mix it at lunch time. I have Huel bags (and shakers) both at home and at work.

I just lug my shaker and current bag around in my backpack.

I mix in the canteen at work, or at customer sites. quite often end up discussing it with random people who are inquisitive about what i’m doing.

One bag at work, one bag at home. Makes life easier :slight_smile:


I measure them into little jars (the small silver topped Ines), each week and put in a cupboard.
On a work day = only need to add one to a shaker for breakfast and put one in my bag for lunch.
Saves a lot of time.

Similar to the above.

I mix the evening before and store in the fridge over night and keep in the fridge at work too. I also blend mine and not just shake.

I have some small tupperware that can hold 100g of huel. I take one(sometimes two) of these and my shaker and mix up with cold water in the office kitchen. I don’t feel the need to chill overnight even though it can improve huel.

I use the blue scoop that comes with some powders from myprotein. A flattened scoop is near enough 50 g so I use that to weigh out 100g at work.

I also use the myprotein power towers to store 125g for when I go to the gym at lunch time.

I mix at work, I don’t mind lumps so no need for a blender.

I always keep a bag in my desk. 4 scoops of UU (v1.2) in the morning with 2 or 3 teaspoons of dried coffee, shaken and drunk there and then. For lunch, another 4 scoops of neat UU. Luckily, v1.2 shakes without lumps, I’m not sure what I’ll do when my stash runs out in 5 weeks or so, I don’t fancy buying a blender just for work.