Huel bag hack - insulated cool bag or 'Cuel' bag hehe

Hey, like a few others I’ve been looking for ways to reuse my huel bags. Most will be become plant pots but
I had an idea to make a special Huel cool bag that fits the shaker.

It utilises the foil lining, enhanced with a bit of old radiator insulation, and uses the original seal so should keep shakes cold and hopefully mitigate against any spills! Fits a small iceblock.

It’s only a first go so is rough and ready but it should work, if anybody is interested I posted the process on Instagram here:

Improvements/suggestions welcome!

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Nice one! Does it work well? How much did you cut away? I’ll have a go when I finish my next bag :slight_smile:

Keeping an eye on this one! Love the hack here. How did the Huel fair in the warm van all day?

How cool is this! Taking a product which already has an extreeeemely low waste footprint and still managing to recycle your leftover bags… brilliant!